Arapaho - Conversation - “How are you feeling”


            A basic part of many conversations are greetings and “how are you doing.” In this lesson, we’ll learn several useful words and phrases:


            tóotousííni                     what’s happening?

            heitóústoo                     what are you doing? (hiitóústoo = what’s he doing?)

            heitootóustoo                what are you up to these days? (hiitootóústoo = what’s he up to?)

            koonííni’ííni                   are things OK?

            hótou3óú’oubéíh           how are you feeling?  (hiitou3óú’oubéíh = how does he feel?)


            Answers might include:


            nííi’ííni               things are OK

            nii’óú’oubéíhinoo          I’m feeling well (nii’óú’oubéíht = he’s feeling well)

            heesówobéíhinoo          I’m sick (heesówobéíht = he’s sick)

            hoowúúni                      nothing (is happening)

            héétwóteekóóhunoo     I’m going to town (héétwóteekóóhut = he’s going to town)

            neniisí3ei’inoo   I’m working (neniisí3ei’it = he’s working)


            Exercize: translate the following short Arapaho conversation:

(Céítoon-  = visit someone; notónohéíhii = doctor; ‘iihéíhoo = oh gosh!; heetebínouhuu = poor thing!)


            A. Tous!  Koonííni’ííni?


            B. Hííko.  Hoowúni’ííni.


            A. Tóotousííni?


            B. Heesówobéíht  neisónoo.


            A. ‘iihéíhoo!  Heetebínouhuu!  Heitóústoo?


            B.  Héétwóteekóohúno'.  Héétcéítoonóóno’ notónohéíhii.