CABBAGE  niisei'kooti'i (pl.), sei'kootii, niico'oxet (sg.), pl. niico'oxetii




CABIN  see3iino'oowu' (means: "pine house"); beesiino'oowu'  (refers to: any log house)




CABLE bei'ci3eiseenook (means: "iron rope")




CACTUS anim. noun; ho'yoox, hoh(o)'oyoox, pl. ho'yooxuu




CAGE hoononi3einiini cii'oese'






CAKE nisikocoo, pl. nisikocoono (refers to: pastry or sweet baked goods)




CALF  (the young  of the cow) anim. noun; wokeciisoo, pl. wookeciisoono' ; (older form) woo' (refers to: fetus), pl. wou'u; buffalo calves: nihoonou'u  (means: "yellow calves")




CALF (body part) both anim. and inan. noun; cih'i3, pl. cih'i3no('); my calf: neci'i3; his (her) calf: hici'i3in  (obv.)




CALICO  kookouniisoo' (means: "it is thin")




CALL  nooteineebetiit; I am calling for you: nooteinebe3en; I am calling for him (her): nooteineewo'; he (she) is calling for  him (her): nooteineewoot; call him (her) over!: 3ebeetsinee; a person who calls, caller: noooxneihii




CALLUS  wo'oo'3eito




CALM  it is calm (outside): teneiitooyoo'; it is calm (water): teneiitoonoowuse', teneiitoonoowu';  it is calm, tranquil weather: koe'teisooo';  he (she) is calm: teneiitooneiht




CAMEL anim. noun; coo'toooyo', pl. coo'toooyou'u




CAMERA wo3ooninoo'oo3oo, pl. wo3ooninoo'oo3oono




CAMP I am camping: honootiinoo;  he (she) is camping: honootiit; I will be camping: hetnootiinoo;  people are in the process of camping (of coming together): honoo'eikoni'; camp of tepees or tents: niiinon honootee'; camp circle: neneeyei3oonootee', neeyei3oonootee';  I saw him (her) in the camp: nihnoohowo' heetoh'ootee'




CAN niini'-;  I can do it: niini'toonoo; I can drink: niini'benenoo; I can eat: niini'bii3ihnoo; I can walk: niini'cebiseenoo; I cannot  drink: neihoowuni'ben, neihoowuni'iiniben;  I can write (I write well): niini'o3onoheinoo




CAN (container) 3owo3nooo, pl. 3owo3noono




CANADA GOOSE nenebiihi' nei'ii (means: "northern geese")




CANAL koh'ouuhoe




CANARY  anim. noun; nihoonii'ehihi' (means: "little yellow bird")




CANCEL (do away with) neneenoonhi'




CANCER  hesowo






CANDLE niinen nohoe'3eeyoo  (means: "fat lamp")




CANDY ceeceibeceiinoo, pl. ceeceibeceiinou'u  (refers to: taffy being pulled)




CANE  hookotoh,  pl. hookotohuno; my cane: notookotoh; I am using a cane: honookotohunoo




CANINE   heetooku3, pl. heetookuto




CANNED GOODS  koo'ohwootno




CANNIBAL  niibiineet, pl. niibiinee3i'; cannibal tribe in Arizona: wouwonee3i'




CANNON beniiinen niiniini heebe3kokiy




CANOE   3iiw (boat),  he (she) is canoeing: cowouhtiit




CANTEEN  niibecoo, niibecohuut, pl. niibecohuutono (refers to: anything used to carry water)




CANTALOUPE  anim. noun; niiscibouhut, pl. niiscibouhu3i' (means: "it smells sweet")




CANVAS  bee3o'ooti' (means: "it is stiff, hard material")




CANYON there is a canyon (here, there): heeyeicoo'; where the canyon ends: heetniicoo'; heetohniicoo';  benii3oonoo' (cliff); in the canyon: heetbii3oonoo'




CAP  co'te', pl. co'te'no; my cap: neco'te'




CAPABLE  I am capable: nii'iiniinoo




CAPE   hoxou, pl. hoxouwo




CAPITOL (building) hooxowuuno'oowu'




CAPSIZE it (inan. subj.) is capsizing: hii3okounoo'oo'; it capsized: nih'i3okounoo'oo'




CAPTIVE tounino, wowooo (old word); he (she) was held captive: niiwowoooniinit




CAPTURE I am capturing him (her): tonouninoo3o';  he (she) is capturing him (her): tonouninoo3oot




CAR  anim. noun; neeniihen (niiniihen) cebkoohut (means: "it runs by itself"), pl. neeniihen cebkoohu3i'; my car: nototii, pl. nototiiwo' (means: "my wheel"); his (her) car: hitotiiw;  on my car: nototiibe', teesiihi' nototiibe'; I have a black car: woo'teenotiibeenoo; black car: woo'teenotii




CARCASS  (dressed) ceeniiho, pl. ceeniihono




CARD  sei'kuu3oo, pl. sei'kuu3oono; he (she) is playing cards: sei'kuu3eet;  he (she) plays cards (is a card player): niisei'kuu3eiit




CARDINAL  (bird) anim. noun; bei'ii'eihii




CARE I am caring for him (her): heneeteniiho'; I will care for you: heetneeteniihe3en; take care of  yourselves!: heeteeniiheti'; take (pl.) care of him (her, them)!: heeteniihe'




CAREFUL  I am being careful: neestouuhnoo; I am careful (habitually) : niinestouuhnoo,  kookono'owooteihinoo (means: "I am careful and do things right")




CARELESS   he (she) is careless, without respect: ciibobooteiht, hoowbobooteih




CARNIVAL ceeyoowteexokuutoono (means: "different rides")




CARPENTER ho'oowbeihii




CARPET  so'oo3oo (or anything that lies flat, e.g., tablecloth)




CARROT  anim. noun; yeneinit, pl. yeneini3i'




CARRY I am carrying you: neniiwouh'ne3en; I am carrying him (her): neniiwouh'uno'; he (she) is carrying him (her): neniiwouh'unoot; carry me!: niiwouh'uni; I am carrying him (her) on my back: 3enei'eiikoho'








CARTON (a full box of something) nii3oo'kohou'




CARVE  I am carving it (inan. obj.): nenii3oxowoo; I am carving it (an object construed as anim., e.g., a horse out of wood): nenii3eso'




CASE  (box) ce'eiinox;  parfleche: ho'uwoonox, ho'uwoono3




CASKET  3eisineet, pl. 3eisineetno (means: "put inside, " see: INSIDE, JAIL)




CASPER (Wyoming)  bei'iniicie   (means: "shell river")




CASTRATE  I am castrating him (e.g., a bull): kou'so'; he (she) is castrating him: kou'soot




CAT  anim. noun; wo'ooo, pl. and obviatives wo'ouu; voc. wo'ouun




CATASTROPHE  nonoono'oo3oo' (means: "it is really tough")




CATCH  I have caught you (I am running after you): heniisiitene3en; I have caught him (her): heniisiiteno'; he (she) has caught him (her): heniisiitenoot; catch me!: hiisiiteni, cih'iisiiteni; I caught him (her): nih'iisiiteno'; I am catching fish (or some other animal in a trap or snare): nooyeinoo; I caught fish: cee3einoo; I have caught a cold: heniseinoo




CATHEDRAL  heebe3beteentoono'owu'




CATERPILLAR beexoubiisee, neyoooxet




CATHOLIC   Catholic priest: heeninouhut (wears long garments), pl. heeninouhu3i'




CATSUP  boo'oowu' (means: "red liquid", same as : HUDSON, POPO AGIE RIVER)




CATTAIL no'outihii,  pl. no'outihiino  (means: "squirrel tail")




CATTLE  wookecii (bovine animals)




CAVE  ceniitoute', toonoti' (a hole in the ground), neniicisoo' (it is empty, hollow)




CAVITY (in tooth) toonoti' beici3




CEASE-FIRE   a cease-fire is in effect: ceniiyoo3eti'




CEDAR be'e3einooo, pl. be'e3einooono; I use cedar for incense: be'e3einooo  nii'iiceeh'einoo; I am burning incense (from cedar): ceneeh'einoo




CELEBRATE heenouutoot




CELLAR  tono'wuuhoe




CEMENT  bee3e'inoo'oo'  (means: "it becomes hard")




CEMETERY nenihteetoneeno' sei'si'i, heetohse'esneetini', heetohsei'si'i (means: "where they are laid"), heetohciinenee3i' (means: "where they are buried")




CENT  (coin) anim. noun; niibe'heiht




CENTIPEDE   anim. noun; howohooohteihii, hoowuho'ohteet ("many legs")




CENTER  in the center (middle): neehii3ei', 3oo3ooniihi'




CENTER POLE (in sun dance) noh'ouuhtoohoee'




CEREAL  nohkuseicbii3hiit ("morning food")




CEREMONY houuwoo'oot




CERTAIN  it is certain: hii3oownee'eesoo';  I am certain of it: nee'ee3e'inowoo




CERTIFY xonouuwooteenebi'




CHAIN   touku3eibei'ci3ei'i




CHAIN SAW  tebexonoo




CHAIR  3io'kuutooo, pl. 3io'kuutooono




CHAIRPERSON 3io'kuutoohouhuuhuu; (male) 3io'kuutooniinen; (female) 3io'kuutoonisei




CHALLENGE seesiihiit;  I am challenging you: seesiihiitone3en; I am challenging: seesiihiitonoo




CHAMPION (first prize winner) niitowooyeihii




CHANGE  it is changing: hookoo3oo';  I am changing it (inan. obj.): hookootenowoo; I am changing physically): cee'ixo'oonoo; I  have changed: cee'eseihinoo (I  am different); I have changed (over the years): ceesii'ootowoo




CHAOS   noonsoo' (it is confusion,  a mess)




CHARACTER  (the way a person is)  heesneniiwoohut




CHARCOAL  wo'oos




CHARGE he (she) is in charge (of it): neneeceewooto'; he (she) is in charge of him (her) or them: neneeceewoonoot




CHARITY  hoowuuyo'o




CHARITY CLUB (Native American Church)   tii'ebiinehiiho'




CHARM he (she) is using a charm: hiixoyooniiheiht




CHASE I am chasing you: yeneihone3en, yiih'oone3en; he (she) is chasing me: yeneihoneinoo; I am chasing him (her): yeneihono', yiih'oono'; he (she) is chasing him (her): yeneihonoot, yiih'oonoot; don't chase me!: ciibeh(cih)yih'ooni; he (she) is chasing a game animal: yih'oowoot, yeneihowoot; there was a chase taking place (narr. past): hee'ihyih'oowootiin; I am chasing him (her) away: cee3eso'ono'; I am chasing him (her) away from a group: konouuteso'ono'




CHAT I am chatting: ceniihouutnoo; he (she) is chatting: ceniihouutit; he (she) chats  (is fond of chatting): niiciihouutit; don't chat!: ciibehciihouuti






CHATTER  cehouutiit, niicehouuyeineetiit




CHEAP it (anim. subj.) is cheap: 3onoonouhut; it (inan. subj.) is cheap: hoowoowohouhu' (inexpensive), 3onoonou'u'




CHEAT I am cheating (habitually): niineenehtonitonoo; I am cheating my friend: neehtoniho' neiteh'ei; I am cheating you: neehtonihe3en; he (she) is cheating him (her): neehtonihoot; he (she) cheated his (her) friend: hiniiteh'eiho (obv.) nihnehtonihoot; don't cheat me!: ciibehcihnehtonihi; don't cheat us!: ciibehnehtonihei'ee; don't cheat him (her, them)!: ciibehnehtonihin




CHEATER  he (she) is a cheater: neehtoneiht




CHECK (money draft) nooko3onohoee, pl. nooko3onohoeno (means: "white paper:), wo3onhoe bei'ci3e




CHEEK (be)ce'i'oo; my cheek: nece'i'oo, pl. nece'i'oono




CHEERFUL  I am cheerful: hoonobeihinoo; be cheerful!: honobeihi




CHEESE ciiis; I like (to eat) cheese: niini'iicetowoo ciiis




CHERRY  biinehe'




CHEST  my  chest: nescooo'; his (her) chest, hiscooo'; on his chest: hiscoone'; I have a big chest: beneessiceinoo; you have a hairy chest: beniissicein




CHEW  I am chewing: seeyooko'(o)ninoo, seeyoo3einoo; I chew (habitually): niiseyooko'(o)niinoo; I am chewing it: seeyootowoo;  I am chewing it (anim. obj.): seeyowo'; I am chewing gum: seeyowceineenoo, seeyowceinobeenoo




CHEWING GUM  anim. noun; seyowcei, cei




CHEYENNE (member of a tribe) hitesei, pl. hitesiino'; capital of Wyoming: hitesiino'oowu'; at Cheyenne: hitesiino'oowuu'




CHICKADEE  anim. noun; hico'ooteehihi'




CHICKEN anim. noun; nih'oo3ounii'eihiii  ("white man's bird"), pl. nih'oo3ounii'ehiiho'




CHICKEN HAWK  anim. noun; neseinoox, pl. neseinoxuu




CHIEF anim. noun; neecee, pl. neeceeno', obv. sg. neeceen;  chief of police: neecee touku3eihii;  the chief's cow: neecee hiwookeciiw; the chief sees this man's wife: neecee nonoohowoot nuhu'inenin hiniinin; they have no chief (no leader): hoowuuneeceebno'






CHILD anim. noun; tei'yoonehe', pl. tei'yoonoh'o'; very small child: tei'yoonehihi'; when was your child born?: hihtoucenis heniisoo, hihtoucenis hetei'yooniib; I have children: hiitei'yooniibinoo; sun-child: hiisiistei'yoo; star-child: ho3o'uusoo; love-child: biixsoo




CHILDISH  he (she) is childish)  tei'yooni3ecoot




CHILI  (red chili) bee'nih'oucoo'




CHILL  he (she) has chills (catching a cold): tooyo3inoo'oot, seniisi'oxoot




CHILLY  it is chilly: tooyo3oo'




CHIMNEY  xou'eeyoo




CHIN  wotoxko',  pl. wotoxko'ono; your chin: hotoxko'




CHINESE  nonoo'oeneeteenowoot, pl. nonoo'oeneeteenowoo3i'; heeyooteenowoot, pl. heeyooteenowoo3i'




CHIP ciinhuxoo; wood chips: cih'oxuu; stone chip: koni'oho'onookee (anim. noun), pl. koni'oho'onookeeno'




CHIPPED BEEF cih'oseino'




CHIPMUNK  anim. noun; xoxooyoni', pl. xoxooyonii




CHISEL koni'ohoee, pl. koni'ohoeno




CHOCOLATE  niisih'oo' ceeceibeceinoo' (means: "brown candy")




CHOKE I am choking (on something): hoo3hinoo; I am choking him (her), I have choked him (her) to death: heeciitooneno', neneetci3o'; he (she) is choking him (her): neneetci3oot; don't choke him (her) (to death)!: ciibehneetcisin




CHOKECHERRY  biino (pl.); eat these chokecherries!: bii3ih nuhu' biino




CHOOSE  I am choosing (making a choice): heneeneyeixoheinoo




CHOP  I am chopping wood: ciih'ohuseenoo; I am chopping it (e.g., meat): ciih'ohowoo (hoseino'); I am chopping it (anim. obj.): ciih'ohe';  chop it up (e.g., wood)!: cih'ohoo; I am chopping (cutting) meat into small pieces: ciih'oxowoo




CHRIST  hihcebe' nih'oo3ousoo', housoo (old term)




CHRISTIAN  I am a Christian: beeteenih'oo3ouninoo; he (she) is a Christian: beeteenih'ou3ounit




CHRISTMAS  hoonou3oo, hoonou3oot (refers to: "hanging"); at Christmas: hoonou3ooni'ehk; when is Christmas?: hetou'honou3oon




CHRYSALIS  biiseenii3ooteeyoo, pl. biiseenii3ooteeyoono




CHUCKHOLE  heeto'oobee, heneeneeto'oobee (here and there)




CHUCKLE   I am chuckling: heniibineenooxonooninoo (means: "laughing secretly")




CHUNK  chunk of meat: co'oseino'




CHURCH  beteentoono'oowu'; in church: beteentoono'oowuu'




CHURCH-GOER niicoobeteenitoot




CIGAR(ETTE) anim. noun; hiicooo, pl. hicoono', obv. sg. hicoon (also: PIPE)




CIRCLE  koo'einoo' (it is round); in the circle: heetko'einoo'




CIRCLE  it (anim. subj., e.g., a bird) is circling (above): nonoononoo'oot




CIRCULAR  it is circular: koo'einoo'




CIRCUMFERENCE  tou3eikoo'einoo




CITY  howoh'oowu' (many houses), pl. howoh'oowuu; in the city: howoh'oowuu'




CLAMP  niinei'owuunoo'




CLAN (extended family) hoowuhneniit




CLAP  I am clapping: konoe'sohoenoo; clap!: koe'sohoee




CLAW  wo'ox, pl. wo'oxuu; its claw: hi'ox; it (anim. subj.) has its claws in something: heneeneiwkoseiwoo3iit




CLAY ho'eeet, ho'oeet




CLEAN  I am clean (free from dirt): heniiyooteih(i)noo; I am clean (I look neat): heniiyo3inouhunoo; it is clean: heniiyoo3oo'; clean it!: wotie'noo




CLEANER  ( janitor) anim. noun; wotie'yeihii




CLEAR  it is clear: ciihcoo'; it is clear (water): ciihkoowu', cenihkoowu'




CLEARING (in the woods) to(o)noxteeni';  heescii3o' (at the edge of woods)






CLERK  anim. noun: wo3onoheihii (office clerk)




CLICK  it is clicking (making a clicking noise): kooseinooni'




CLIFF  hoxtoono', pl. hoxtoono'uu, benii3oonoo'




CLIMB I am  climbing: honouuhuunoo; I am climbing it (inan. obj.): honouhuutowoo; I am climbing it (anim. obj.): honouuhuutonoo; he (she) is climbing it (anim. obj.): honouuhuutonoot




CLOCK  hee'iyooo




CLOSE close the door!: ho'wuuteenin tecenoo; close it!: ho'wuuteenoo teceno, ho'wuuteeyei'i; close your eyes!: no'uusi'oo




CLOSE I am close to him (her): henii'oxono' (both spatially, or by virtue of relationship); I am close to it (inan. obj.): henii'oxowoo; come close!: cihtootise; close by: hicebehe'; it is close by: too3iihi'; it is close (but not touching): tokoo3iihi'




CLOT  (of blood) anim. noun; hinot, pl. hinotno'




CLOTH   piece of cloth: nih'oo3eeyou




CLOTHES  heixooono, biixuutono (shirts and coats)




CLOTHESLINE   hou3oo, pl. hou3oono




CLOUD  hiinoonoet, pl. hiinoonoetii




CLOUDY  it is cloudy: heniinoonoeti'




CLOWN  I am clowning around: beneebebeeniihtoonoo




CLOWN  anim. noun; hoonoxoo3eihii, pl. hoonoxoo3eihii(hii)ho'




CLUB (weapon) to'uutoho




CLUB (organization) benneniit




CLUMSY I am clumsy: hoohooteihinoo; he (she) is clumsy: hoohooteiht; don't be clumsy!: ciibeh'ohooteihi




COAL  ho3u'uunsitee, wo'oos




COARSE  it is coarse: woowoyoo';  it will be coarse: heetwowoyoo'




COAT  hookoubiixuut,  pl. hookoubiixuutono




COCK  I am cocking it (a gun): nih'ooteenowoo; it is cocked: niih'ootouse'




COCKLEBUR  wonihseibneehiis, pl. wonihseibneehiisii




COFFEE coffee beans: woo'oteeyou'u; coffee (the drink): woo'teenoowu'; pour me some coffee (or something to drink)!: cihbebiyoohu




COFFEE POT niihetneeno'o (refers to: "curved spout") (old word)




COHABITATION (live together) they are living together: cee'niisneii3i'




COIN  bei'ci3ee, pl. bei'ci3ei'i (money)




COLANDER  (strainer) siiiceise3ooo




COLD it is cold (e.g., water): tooyoowu'; it is a cold day: tooyo3iisiini', tooyo3iisi'; it is cold: tooyo3oo'; it is cold (an object): tooyobee'; I am cold: to(o)noehinoo; I am very cold: henee3neetoehinoo; I am cold (to touch): tooyoobeihinoo; I have a cold: heniiseinoo; I have caught a cold: heniisiiteno'uuseit




COLLAR  (part of harness) wo'ein,  wo'einono, ciitoo'yooniiniini wo'ein








COLLECT I am collecting it: honoo'einowoo; he is collecting (e.g., in church): honoo'eiyeit




COLLECTION  hoo'eiyooo




COLLECTOR  anim. noun; hoo'eiyeihii




COLLIDE  I am colliding with him (her): cee'e3eixono'; he (she) is colliding with  me: cee'e3eixoneinoo; he (she) is colliding with him (her): cee'e3eixonoot; I am colliding with it (inan. obj.): cee'e3eixowoo; he (she) is colliding with it (inan. obj.): cee'e3eixo'




COLOR  what color is it?: tou3otehiinoo; it has a color (design): hootoheiini'




COLT anim. noun; biiyo3ou'u, pl. biiyo3ou'uho', obv. sg. biiyoo3ou'un, biiyo3ou'o




COMA  he (she) is in a coma (has fainted): neecinoo'oot




COMB  cih'ote'eihoo; houtihii (old-fashioned, made from porcupine tail, means: "porcupine tail")




COME come in!: cihciitei; come here!: neheic, neheicoo' (to more than one person); he (she) has come (here): noo'useet; he (she) is  coming: cenoot






COMEDIAN  anim. noun; hoonoxoo3eihii, pl. hoonoxoo3eihiiho'




COMMAND (order) nee'ee3ooxuwut




COMMOTION nooteinooni' ("it is noisy")




COMMUNION  I am taking communion: ho'wuuneenoo; we took communion: nihho'wuuneeno'




COMMUNITY beneheiit




COMPASSION  hoowouunoneiit




COMPENSATION  ceestoot, ceestowoot (earnings)




COMPETE cebiehtiit ;  I am competing with him (her): cehebiiho'




COMPETENT  I am competent: nii3oo3ookto'nitoonoo  (I really know what I am doing)




COMPETITION hoonoyoo3etiit




COMPLAINT  hoonoonibetiit




COMPLETE it is complete (all there): hoono'utoyoo'; it is completed (e.g., building): benee3ihi'; I have completed it (finished it or used it up): benee3tiinoo; complete it!: bee3tii




COMPLEXION  he (she) has a smooth, good complexion: heniiyootoxoneet




COMPLICATED  it is complicated: honouuneenoo'




COMPLIMENT  nii'i3ecoobetiit




COMPLY   you are complying: hii3oowu3ecoon




COMPOSURE  keep your composure: neenii3o'ni3ecoo




COMPRESS  tei'ohoet, tei'ohou'




COMPULSION  he (she) has a compulsion (urge to do something crazy) : beihi3tiit




CONCAVE  it is concave: 3eneeyouute'




CONCENTRATE   he (she) is concentrating: hee3ooow kokoh'u3ecoot






CONCERN  honooneenebetiit;  I am concerned about him (her): noononeenowo'; I am concerned about it: noononeeneetowoo; I am concerned  about my children: noononeeneenowou'u netei'yooniiwo '




CONDEMN  it is condemned: konouuteni'




CONDITION  he (she) is in good condition: tenei'cowo'oot




CONE (pine cone)  see3ib,  pl. see3ibino




CONFESS  I am confessing (telling on myself): hei'towoo3etinoo




CONFESSION  hei'towoo3etiit




CONFIDENT  I am confident about it: hii3oobeeneetowoo, hii3oowu3ecootowoo




CONFINE  he (she) is confined indoors: ciitoowuusneet




CONFLICT hoonotneihtiit




CONFLICT OF INTEREST  koto'ousiinebetiit




CONFLUENCE   nonoono'wu';  hii3e'ee' nonoono'wu' (means: "at the forks")




CONFRONT  I will confront him (her): heetceeceno'oo3o', heetto'owu'eixono' (refers to: coming face to face)




CONFUSE I am confused: cenee'inoneihinoo; I was confused: nihcee'inoneihinoo




CONGRESS  co'ou3ooxowuuno'oowu' (means: "highest government house")




CONNECT I am connecting it: wonoohoneib(i)tinoo; I am connecting it (anim. obj., e.g., rope): heneene'eeku3o'




CONNIVE  he (she) is conniving: hiibeneetoot (means: "acting in secret")




CONQUER heniixoowo'oni'




CONSCIENCE  hiini3ecoo




CONSECRATE niibese'ehi'




CONSENSUS  we (incl.) all agree: beexouwooteenebi'




CONSENT you have my consent: nii'oowun; I have your consent: nii'oobe3en; I have his (her) consent: nii'oowo'; does he (she) have your consent?: kooheni'oobe'






CONSIDER  I will consider (think about) it: heetkokoh'oeneetowoo




CONSTIPATED  I am constipated: cenoone3eih'inoo




CONSTIPATION  coontoot, coone3e(h)'iit




CONSUME  I have consumed it (used it up): benee3tiinoo; I have consumed it (by eating): hootoobenoo




CONTAGIOUS  contagious disease: behsihtiinowobeheit




CONTAINER  3eiyoo, ce'eiyoo




CONTAMINATE  it is contaminated: neecise'




CONTENT   cee'eise', 3eneise'




CONTINUE  ceneeyowuuhu'




CONTRIBUTE beiise'ehtiit




CONVENT heeninouuseino'oowu'  (means: "long robe women's house")




CONVERSE I am conversing with him (her): heneeneti3etiiwo';  he (she) is conversing with him (her): heneeneti3etiibeit,  heneneti3etiiwoot




CONVERT  he (she) converted (changed religions): nihneheiisiseet 




CONVULSE  I am convulsing: woowouunoo'oonoo; he (she) was convulsing: nihwowounoo'oot




CONVULSION  I am having convulsions: woowouunoo'oonoo




COOK anim.  noun; bii3beihii, pl. bii3beehiiho', obv. sg. bii3beehio




COOK  I am cooking: benii3beenoo; he (she) is cooking: benii3beet; I cook (habitually): niibii3beenoo; cook!: bii3bee; I am cooking it (inan. obj.): benii3wootowoo; I am cooking it (anim. obj.): benii3woo3o'; I am cooking meat (by boiling it): senii'ihwo'oyeinoo; I am cooking something (until it is tender): 3onouxotowoo; is it cooked?: koohiisetee; it is cooked: heniisetee'




COOKIE   nisikocoo, pl. nisikocoono; small cookie: nisikocoonehe', pl. nisikocoonoh'o




COOPERATION nii3niise3eibetiit




COPE  I will cope with him (it): heetceneeyohwo'oonoo




COPPER  be'bei'ci3e' (gold, red metal)




COPPERHEAD anim. noun; niibe'ee'eit siisiiyei




COPY  I am copying it (e.g., from a blackboard): 3onook3onohowoo; he (she) is copying it: 3onook3onoho'; I am copying (imitating) him (her): nooko3tono'; he (she) is copying him (her): nooko3tonoot; don't copy me!: ciibehcihnoko3toni; I am copying it (on a copier): woo3onkuutiinoo; I am copying it (by a camera): woo3oninoo'ootiinoo




COPYCAT nokoo3tobeihii




CORK  hokohoee, pl. hokohoeeno




CORN ear of corn: beskootee, pl. beskooteeno; corn plant: hoe'etii (sg. and pl.)




CORNMEAL nihoon3o'hoeno (means: "yellow flour")




CORNER  he'3io' (of a house);  nenookooxutee'  (means: "where roads cross")




CORPSE  3iik




CORRAL  ko'einoxoeyoo,  pl. ko'einoxoeyoono; nii3oxoeyoo (modern term)




CORRECT  I am correct (what I have said is true): hii3oobeinoo; I was correct: nih'i3oobeinoo; it is correct (true): hii3oobee'; I am correcting him (her): beebiisiiwo'




CORRUGATED  it is corrugated: beneebeeyooneti'; (with one groove only) beneeyooneti '




CORRUPT  it is corrupt: hiibneenehtoyoo'; he (she) is corrupt: hiibneenehtoontoot




COSMETICS nooyoo'uutoono




COTTON  ciinee (wool), hiciine




COTTONTAIL  anim. noun; nooku, pl. nookho'




COTTONWOOD  hee3neebexo;  a piece of cottonwood: hee3neebes




COUCH  3io'kuutoo, pl. 3io'kuutoono (same as: CHAIR)




COUGAR  anim. noun; bexookee, pl. bexookeeno', obv. sg., bexookeen




COUGH  I am coughing: ceesiceinibinoo; I cough (habitually): niicesiceini'oonoo; don't cough!: ciibehcesceini'oo






COUNCIL  neeceeno' (the chiefs); council meeting: neneeceeneeneti3i' (means: "they are meeting as chiefs")




COUNT  I am counting: neeyei3einoo (also means: "I am reading," or " I am a student");  I am counting them (inan. objects): neeyeitiinoo; I am counting them (anim. objects): neeyeih'ouu; count me in!: cihniitouh'u, nohkouh'u; count it!: neyeitii




COUNTERS (pieces used in game) pl. tohse3oono




COUP  I am counting coups: tonounineenoo; I was counting coups: nihtounineenoo




COURT (legal) hooxowuunotonetiit (a session)




COURT (date)  he (she) is courting him (her): hii'oxowoot




COURTEOUS  he (she) is courteous: teeteeseiht




COURTHOUSE  hooxowuuno'oowu'; in the courthouse: hooxowuuno'oowuu'  (same as: CAPITOL)




COVER  I am covering it (inan. obj.): kootoyohowoo; he (she) is covering it: kootoyoho'; I am covering  it (anim. obj.): kootoyohe'; I am covering you: kootoyohu3en; he(she) is covering him (her): kootoyoheet; cover me!: kotoyohu; cover it!: kotoyohoo; cover your head!: nii'eini; cover yourself with a blanket!: hooyo'owuu




COW   anim. noun; wookec, pl., obv. sg.; and, pl. wookecii; voc. wookeciin; my cow: nowookeciib; my cows: nowookeciiwo'; his (her) cow: hiwookeciiw, pl. hiwookeciiwo (obv.), their cows: hiwookeciibinoo; black cow: wo'teenookec; big cows: heebetookecii; milk cow: nii3ouyoo; he (she) owns many cows: hoowohookeciibeet




COWBOY  anim. noun; touhoo, pl. touhoono'




COYOTE anim. noun; koo'oh, pl., obv. sg. and pl. koo'ohwuu; small coyote: koo'ohwuhu';  coyote pup: koo'ohwuusoo




CRAB  anim. noun; niiskoseihii biisee, pl. niiskoseihiiho' (also: lobster)




CRABBY  he (she) is crabby: 3ooxonouubeiht




CRACK it is cracked: kooh'oti'; it is cracked (anim. subj.): koohe'eiht




CRACKER  3ouxosi', pl. 3ouxosii, sousooxu'u (old word)




CRADLE  kokouwonohout; buckskin baby blanket: hectoonohuut




CRAMP  I have cramps: heniicito'oonoo; I had cramps: nih'oocito'oonoo




CRANE (bird), (hi)te3oo, wo'ouhuu; machine crane: ceebiseet neenisono' (means; "tractor with a long neck")




CRANKY he (she) is cranky (habitually): ciini'eineetiit; he (she) is being cranky: ceniini'eineetiit




CRASH 3oo'eineese'




CRAWL   I am crawling: coowokuseenoo; it (the snake) is crawling by: coowooceiseet; it (the snake) is crawling away: cee33ooceiseet




CRAYFISH  nii'ce'nowo'




CRAZY I am crazy: hoohookeeninoo; he is crazy: hoohookeenit; she is crazy: hooheisiinit; don't  be crazy!: ciibeh'ohookeeni; crazy guy: hoohookee, pl. hoohookeeno' (anim. noun)




CREAM nookoow3oo (or any whitener used for coffee); are you going to use cream?: kooheetnookoowtoo




CREATE  he (she) is creating it: ceebii'ootiit;  I will create (make) it: heetniistiinoo; I have created it: ceebii'ootiinoo; I have created (composed) a song: biiso'ootiinoo niiboot




CREE  nookunen (male), pl. nookunenno'; the Cree (as a tribe): nookho' (refers to:  "rabbit")




CREEK  koh'owu', pl. koh'owuu;  niiciihehe' (little river)




CREEP   he (she) is creeping: hootini'oet




CRIB  tei'yoohooo   (means: "child's bed")




CRICKET  anim. noun; biihouut, pl. biihouutowuu




CRIME  he (she) is committing a crime: co'ouu3noontoot




CRIMINAL   noontouhuu




CRIPPLE  he (she) is crippled: ceniini'eeniit, howni'eenii (disabled), hoowoooteiht; I am crippled: neihoowni'eenii; he, (she) is crippled (deprived of the use of a leg or foot): cenii'eiht; a crippled person, a cripple: ciini'eeniihii, pl. ciini'eeniihiiho' (anim.)




CROCODILE  anim. noun; 3ee3i'otooyo', pl. 3ee3i'otooyo'uu




CROOK  (curved, ceremonial staff) xowooo, pl. xowoono






CROOKED  it (inan. subj.) is crooked: ceeceibee'; it (anim. subj.) is crooked: ceeceibeiht; he (she) is crooked (dishonest): neehtoneiht




CROSS  anim. noun; nookoox, pl., obv. sg. and pl. nookooxuu




CROSS  I am crossing it  (e.g., creek): hookeenoo; I am crossing the road: tookooxuuseenoo boone'; I am crossing it (over the bridge): honooxuuseenoo




CROSS-EYED  I am crosseyed: koo3ookunoo; I am cross-eyed (involving both eyes): konooko3ookunoo




CROSSROAD  heetohnookooxuutee'




CROW   anim. noun; houu, obv. sg. houun, pl. houuno'; Crow (Indian): houunen, pl. houunenno', (female) houuneniisei




CROWBAR  biinohooo




CROWD hoowuhneniteet




CROWN  (the topmost part of the head) 3oonteec




CRUCIFIXION  see'3iixohouut  (means: 'he was staked down flat hanging")




CRUEL  I am cruel: noonoxooteihinoo; he (she) was cruel nihnonoxooteih(i)t; he (she) is cruel to him (her) (repeatedly): noonoxoo3inoo'ootonoot




CRUMBLE  it is crumbling: 3oo'unoo'oo', it (anim. subj., e.g., rock) is crumbling: 3oo'unoo'ot




CRUSH   I am crushing it: 3oo'enowoo;  I am crushing it (anim. obj.): seeyouno' (by hand), seeyou'ono' (with foot) seeyou3eiho' (with an object); I am crushing it (inan. obj.): seeyou'owoo (with foot), seeyounowoo (by hand)




CRY   I am crying (weeping): beniiwoohunoo; don't cry!: ciibehbiiwoohu; the man sees him (her) crying: hinen nonoohowoot tohbiiwoohuni3 (obv.); he (she) is  crying (while praying, that is, with genuine emotions): hoonoonowoo'oot




CRYBABY  ciinowookoowuuhuu




CUB -soo, pl. -soono', obv. sg. -soon; bear cub: woxuusoo; mountain lion cub: bexookeesoo




CUP  touyoo, pl. touyoono




CUPBOARD  3eiyoo (refers to:   any container)






CURIOUS   I am curious: beneete'inowoo, beneetoh'e'inowoo (means: "I want to know it"); he (she) is curious: beneete'ino'; don't be curious!: ciibehbeetei'inoo




CURL  it is curling up: nonoono'o'oot (contracted), honookowooneetee' (bent by heat), honookowo'oo'  (folded over)




CURLY  he (she) is curly (has curly hair): beebee'eit




CURRANT wild currants: ne'ibino' (anim. noun, pl. only); I eat currants (directly from the bush) niibiibinoo3ouu ne'ibino', (in general) niibiinouu ne'ibino'




CURRENT  (electric) ceheekuut




CURSE  hihookobetiit; I am cursing him (her): konooteebinoo3o', kooteebinoo3o'; he (she) is cursing: konootiibineet; they are cursing each other: neeneihookobeti3i';




CURTAIN  curtains: hokous3e3oono (pl.)




CURVE  nonouxootee'; it is curved: noohousoo'




CUT   I have cut it off: teebeso' (anim. obj.), teebexowoo (inan. obj.); cut it off!: tebesin (anim. obj.), tebexoo (inan. obj.); I am cutting it (off): kou'xoneenoo (with scissors), koo'uxowoo (with a knife); I have cut  it (anim. obj., e.g., rope); I have cut him (her) loose: kooxeso';  I am cutting hay or grass: koo'osoheinoo;  I am cutting it out: wooti'exowoo (inan. obj), wooti'eso' (anim. obj.); cut it out (stop it)!: ciintoo; I am cutting his (her) hair: 3eniiyohoe'; I am cutting my nails: kou'koseisetinoo; he (she) is cutting it (my salary): koo'outiit




CUTE  he (she) is cute: hooxooteheiht; how cute!: nonii