ABANDON  it was abandoned: nihnooto'; he (she) was abandoned: nihnoo3eiht;  he (she) abandoned him (her): nihnoo3oot




ABBREVIATE   it (e.g., a person's name) is abbreviated: niitou'kuuhu' 




ABDOMEN  (someone's) abdomen: wonot, pl. wonotno; my abdomen: nonot; his (her) abdomen: hinot




ABDUCT  he (she) abducted him (her): heniixoyooniihoot




ABJECT  I  am in an abject state: 3onouubeihnoo (means: "lazy," "sad," "low," and "despondent")




ABLAZE   it is ablaze (burning bright): noo'ohutee'




ABLE   I am able (I am capable of accomplishing a task): nii'eeniinoo; I am able to handle (manage) it: nii'enowoo; I will be able to handle it: heetni'enowoo; he (she) is able to handle it: nii'eno'




ABLOOM    they are abloom: konoo'okuunoo'ou'u




ABODE  (home): niiinowoohut;  his (her) abode: hiniiinowoohut




ABOLISH   he (she) is abolishing it: neeneenontiit;  abolish (destroy) it completely!: neeneenonhii




ABORTION   she had an abortion (presumably): hee'ih'etonowuneih hiniison 




ABOUT   bebene; about two or three days: bebene niis wo'ei3 neesiiis; I am about to go: heeyeihce3ei'oonoo; it is about time for me to eat: heeyeihbii3ihnoo; he (she) is just about here: heeyeihno'useet




ABOVE  hihcebe'; the clock is hanging above where you are sitting: hee'iyooo honou3i' hihcebe' heetoh3i'okun




ABOVE ALL  it is most important above all: ceebe'eico'ouute'




ABRUPT  it is abrupt (sudden): koxuuten tebinoo'oo' (means: breaking suddenly)






ABSCESS  beniini' hesowo




ABSENT  I am absent (not  there): neihoowweentoot; I am absent (not here): neihoowweentoo; my husband was absent from the meeting: nees hih'ooweentoo nih'iitohteenetiitooni' (from where they were talking)




ABSENT-MINDED  he (she) is absent-minded (forgets a lot): noonih'ihiinit




ABSORB  I am absorbing it (soaking up liquid): hii3konootowoo




ABUSE  he (she) is being abusive: hononot'noohoet (verbal abuse); noononooxo3ihtiit  (harm physically)




ABYSS   niicoonteto'wuu'oni' (without bottom);  niicoonitetouhu'




A CAPPELLA   niikonouniibeiit  (without accompaniment)




ACCELERATE   (faster) nohohooniihi'




ACCENT (style of speech)  he (she) speaks with an accent: niice'seitit; they speak with an accent: niice'seiti3i'




ACCEPT  I will accept it (anim. or inan. obj.) for you: heetniitenowuune3en (also means: "I will take it from you");  I will accept it (e.g., a gift or what is said): heetxouwoteneetowoo




ACCESS   I have access to this: heetno3ontonouni'




ACCIDENT  he (she) is in an accident: ceteenowoot (also means: "in trouble");  he (she) found the key by accident: nihcee3bii'ino' koonootoo'hoe; he (she) did it by accident: nihcee3toot; my son was in a car accident (turned over his car): neih'e nih'i3eckuu3oot hitotiiw




ACCLAIM   they yell in acclamation: hoowooni3i' (men used to say "yeihii," women would yodel); yelling as acclamation: kookokoceii' (old word)




ACCOMMODATE  I  accommodated him/her (provided housing  for the night): nih'eteihniiho' 




ACCOMPANY I will accompany you: heetnii3neniibe3en (means: "I will live in company with you"), heetnii3oone3en (means: "I will go with you"); I am accompanying you (sg.): nenii3oone3en; I will accompany you (pl.): heetnii3oone3enee; I willl live with you: heetniiboohe3en




ACCOUNTS (financial) hiteiyeiniini noh hoxuuheiyo3onohoe (means: "credits and payments")






ACCUMULATE  it is accumulating: woo'to'oo'; they are accumulating: woo'to'ou'u




ACCUSE I am accusing you: hoo3oowube3en; he (she) is accusing me: hoo3oowubeinoo; he (she) is accusing him (her): hoo3oowuwoot; don't accuse me!: ciibehcih'o3oowuwu; don't (pl.) accuse me!: ciibehcih'o3oowuwu'; I accused you: nih'oo3oowube3en; he (she) accused his (her) friend: hiniiteh'eiho (obv.) nih'o3oowuwoot; heetniiboohe3en




ACCUSTOMED  I am accustomed to it: nonoo3iitowoo; I am accustomed to my life-style: nonoo3iitowoo neesiine'itiinoo; I am accustomed to (used to) it: nonooteihnoo




ACE (in cards): neniixou'usi'; two aces: neniisei'i neniixou'usi'i




ACHE  it is aching: seesiino'oo'; I have a stomachache: seesiinbee3ei'oonoo, seesiinnotonoo'oonoo; I have a stomachache accompanied by diarrhea: heesoteenoo; he (she) has a headache: seesiine'eixoot; I ache all over: beisesiino'oonoo; I am aching all over (here and there): beiseneesesiino'oonoo; my bones are aching: seesiinoxonou'o'oonoo;  I have an earache: seesiinetoo'oonoo; I have a toothache: seesiinookutoo'oonoo;  I am aching in places: seneesiino'oonoo




ACKNOWLEDGMENT (expression of acknowledgment) yes: hee, wohei, (man speaking), 'oo, 'ine (woman speaking)




ACNE  cei'oono




ACORN  no'oubii3hiit (means: "squirrel food"),  niikoo'owu'u  (refers to: all nuts)




ACQUIRE   you have acquired it: hiiteteihiin; I am acquiring it: hiiteteihinoo




ACQUIT  I am acquitting it all (setting everything aside): hoono'ut ceniintiinoo




ACRE  neniiseti' beseh'e (means: "one little stick"), pl. bexoh'o




ACROPHOBIA  he (she) is afraid of heights (habitually): niineinohowut; he (she) is afraid of heights (now): neneinohowut




ACROSS  (on the opposite side; in answer to "where?"): hooxono'u; (to the opposite side; in answer to,"where to?"): hooxuuniihi' tokooxuuhu'; I am jumping across: honooxuuceno'oonoo;  jump across!: hooxuuceno'oo; I am jumping across it: honooxuuceno'ootowoo;  I am swimming across: honooxuuwunoo; I am wading across: hookeibinoo; swim across!: hooxuuwu; I am going across: tookooxuuseenoo, honooxuuseenoo; walk across!: hooxuusee; I am wading across: hooke'enoo; wade (sg.) across! hoke'e; don't jump across this ditch!: ciibeh'ooxuuceno'ootoo nuhu' koh'ouhoe (inan. obj.); don't jump across this rope!: ciibeh'ooxuuceno'ooxun nehe' seenook (anim. obj.);  across: tokooxuuniihi'






ACROSS-THE-BOARD PAY CUT   hoono'ut  he'iko' 3oonowuubeinino' hiiceestooniinino




ACT   niiniiniistootiini' (perform); he (she) acts tough: niinooo3ikobeet; he (she) is acting tough: nonooo3ikobeet; don't act tough!: ciibehnooo3ikobee; don't act tough with me!: ciibehcihnoo3ikowuutoni




ACTIVE  he (she) is active (get things done): ceniinonooneiht; I am active: ceniinonooneihnoo




ACUTE  it is acute (a sudden, sharp) pain: koxuuteneesinoo'oo'




ADAM'S APPLE  ce'iitooo'o'




ADD I am adding to it: henii3itonitiinoo; add to it! (inan. obj., solid substance): hii3itonitii; add to it! (by pouring) hii3itonciinohoo; I am adding this: nuhu' nii3itiinoo; I am adding it: henii3itiinoo




ADDITION  in addition to: hii3itoniihi'




ADDITION (annex) heneenei'behi'




ADJOURN  they adjourned their session: benee3neenetiitooni'




ADOPT  I am adopting him (her): woonou'ouwoo3o'; I am adopting it (animal as a pet): hiitenowoo3o'; I adopted him (her): nihwonou'ouwoo3o'; he (she) adopted me: nihwonou'ouwoo3einoo;  my parents adopted these children: neniihei'i nihwonou'ouwoo3oo3i' nuhu' tei'yoonoho'




ADULT  he is adult (useful): heniixonoh'oehiinit; my daughter is an  adult now (grown-up, responsible for her actions): notoone woow hee'eiht; adult person: beesnenitee  (means "big person," refers to:  an elder)




ADULTERY  he (she) is committing adultery: ceniiwohooneiht ; adulterer (male): ciiwohoonen;  adultress (female): ciiwohoonisei




ADVANTAGE I have an advantage over you: ceebe'eihi3en




ADVENT  ce'noonou'u beteeniisiii, cenoonou'u noh henee3oowuusiii  (means: "coming of the holy days")




ADVERSITY  he (she) is in adversity: kookonoo'obeiht  (destitution), wooxo'oot


(bad time, e.g., illness)




ADVICE hei'towuunetiit, hiiseineebetiit, bebiisibetiit; let me give you some advice!: 3uwooneh'ei'towuune3






ADVISE   I am advising you: heniiseineebe3en




AFFECTION   biixoo3etiit




AFFORD   I can afford it: nii'oo'oowoo




AFRAID   I am afraid of him (her): heniixo'; don't be afraid of him (her)!: ciibeh'iisinee; don't be afraid to fight!: ciibeh'iitoo'ei, ciibehnei3ecoo; don't be afraid of me!: ciibeh'iisi; he (she) is afraid of dogs: niiteco'oniixoot he3ebii (obv.); he (she) has always been afraid of dogs: niixoot he3ebii (obv.); he (she) is afraid of me (now): heniiseinoo; he (she) is afraid of heights (habitually): niineinohowut; neneinohowut: he (she) is afraid of heights (right now)




AFTER  hiisiihi'; after I eat, I will sleep: hiisbii3ihnoohok heetnokohunoo; after I eat, I sleep (generally): heniisbii3ihnooni niinokohunoo




AFTERNOON  tih'iisko'uusiini'; ( in the) afternoon: hiiskoh'uusiini'ehk




AGAIN ce', ce'eihi'; again and again: hokoo3iihi'; say it again!: ce'inihii; I am saying it again: cee'nee'eesinihiinoo, cee'inihiinoo; again! (with surprise about something happening again) koox woow




AGAINST I am against you (I am your adversary): hiicowoo'one3en; I will be against you: heetniicowoo'one3en; they are against each other: hiicowoo'oneti3i'




AGAINST  (up against)  hooxutoniihi'




AGATE   cihciihoho'nookee (means: "clear rock'')




AGENCY  ce'eyeino'oowu'  ("distribution house," same as: FORT WASHAKIE)




AGENDA  neniiteicei'sou'u  heenetiitonoo  (means: "different things to talk about")




AGENT (superintendent of BIA agency) ce'eeyeihii




AGE-OLD (ancient)  koo3eincecnise'




AGO  long ago: teecxo'; two years ago: niis cec; long, long ago (at the beginning of everything): beebei'on 3eboosei3iiihi'




AGONY  he (she) is in agony(near death):  ceetonoheiinit ; (in extreme pain) nonoxoo3eesoowuu3eiht;  (really sick) nonoxoo3esowoubeiht




AGREE  the two men do not agree with each other: neniisi3i' hinenno' hoowni'oobetino'; we agree: xonouwooteenebeihino'




AGREEMENT  xonouwooteenebiit




AHEAD  I am walking ahead (in front): neniitowuseenoo; I am walking ahead of you (I am leading you): neniitowoone3en; it (anim. subj.) is flying ahead: neniitowuh'ohut; I am flying ahead of you: neniitowuh'ohuutone3en; in front of: niitobe'einiihi';  he (she) is ahead: niitoowuuuhut (in front of)




AIM  I will aim this tepee toward the rising sun (in order for the  morning sun rays to enter the tepee through the center of the door opening): nuhu' niinon heetsebeyoohootowoo niitohbisiseet hiisiis; he (she) took aim at the hawk (with a weapon): nihsebeyohoet heeyein (obv.); he (she) aimed at the hawk (for example, with a telescope): nihsebeyoohowoot heeyein (obv.)




AIR   hoowo3oow




AIRPLANE niinih'ohuunoo (it flies around), pl. niinih'ohuunou'u; this is my airplane: nuhu' niinih'ohuunoo' neiinistoot; I own this airplane: nuhu' niinih'ohuunoo' neniiheneihnoo




AIRPORT  niitohkou'usei'i niinih'ohuunou'u (means: "where airplanes land")




AIRTIGHT   it is  air tight nonooxoebee'; it is really air tight: nenei'nonooxoebee'




AISLE  niitxootiini'  (means: "passageway")




ALBUM (for photographs)  niitohonoheihi3i'  wo3oninoono'ootno'




ALCOHOLIC  noonsih'ebeihii




ALFALFA  niisniikou'usei'i (means: "cut twice"), wooxu'uno  (refers to: stacked hay)




ALIBI   he (she)  has an alibi: niinoonooho3oubeiht 




ALIKE  it is alike: neneehiisoo'; they are alike: nene'ehiisou'u




ALIVE  he (she) is still alive (as after a serious accident): noosouniiyeit; he (she) is alive: heniiyeit; they are alive: heniiyeinou'u; is he (she) still alive  (living)?: koowonoh'uune'etii; is it (for example, an animal after having  been shot) still alive?: koowonoh'uuyei; the snake swallowed the mouse  alive: hini' siisiiyei  nih'iiyeinootowkuu3oot hookuuhuho' (obv.)




ALKA SELTZER: niiko'teeno'o'   (means: "it fizzes")




ALL  all together: hoono'ut;  all the people, the whole group or tribe: hinenteeniit; all right: wohei; all of it: beissiihi'; all men will go hunting: beissiihi' hinenno' heetniinoo'ei3i'




ALL-AROUND  he (she) is an all-around person: nonootooteiht, beesciinenooneiht






ALLERGY  he (she) is allergic to different medicines: hoohoowni'xone' wooxuwo 




ALL NIGHT nookoniihi'




ALL-OVER  neneetiihi'




ALLOW   it is allowed: neniisio'wuuhu'; xonouuwoo3o'




ALL-PURPOSE   behiteecise' (now); niibehiteecise' (generally)




ALL RIGHT  it is all right: nee'eesoo'




ALMOND  niikoo'owu' (nut), pl. niikoo'owu'u




ALMOST tooniihi'; he (she) is almost here: heeyeihno'useet; I almost (unintentionally) touched you: tonootii'ene3en; he (she) almost killed the cow: nihtoonoh'oot wookecii (obv.)




ALONE I am alone: neniisneniinoo; it is alone: niisoo'; I will be alone: heetniisneniinoo; leave me alone!: ciinihi




ALONG  I am (going) along (as a companion): neniihobeinoo; I will be along: heetniihobeinoo; come along!: neheicoo, neheic, cihneecisee; come along (with me)!: nii3ooni; she went along with her husband: nihnii3oonoot hiix (or hiux)




ALREADY  woow; they are already (now) here: woow heentoo3i'; they have already come (walking): woow noo'usee3i'; he (she) has already come (walking): woow noo'useet




ALRIGHT  wohei, 'ine




ALWAYS  teco'oniihi', nouutowuuhu', niiteco'on-, nouutow-; he (she) is always smoking: niiteco'onno3eiht, niinouutowuucoot; he (she) always drinks: niiteco'onnih'ebit, niinouutowuh'ebit




AMAZE  I am amazed: ne'eihnooo3i3ecooheinoo




AMBUSH   he (she) is being ambushed: ceciisbesiitoot; they are being ambushed: ceciisbesiitoo3i '




AMEN  nee'eesoo', noh nee'eesoo'




AMBIGUOUS  it is ambiguous: neneeheisinhiitee'




AMBITIOUS   he (she)  is ambitious: nenih'oniitowoot






AMONG  I am (as a rule) among them (I mingle with them): niiwoohoneihnoo; you are among them (you are part of a group): woonoohoneihin




AMBULANCE  pl. noho'ox3eihiiho' (also means "hearse")




AMMUNITION   kokiyono3ii  (refers to: bullets, means: ''gun arrows'' )




AMONG  I am among: wonoohoneihnoo




AMOROUS  they are amorous with each other: niisei'iitoneti3i ' 




AMOUNT  beissiihi' (all of it)




AMPUTATE his (her) leg will be amputated: heetebisiini' hi'oo3




ANALYZE heetkokohoenebi'




AND  noh; bread and butter: co'coo noh nihooncebitee; my father and (my)  mother: neisonoo noh neinoo




ANEMIA   he (she) has anemia: 3oonooniibe'ibit (means: "not enough blood")




ANGEL anim. noun; niibiinit, pl. niibiini3i' (means: "they have feathers"); hecesbetee3oo (means: "small shadow"), obv. sg. hecesbetee3oon




ANGLE  pl. neeyeisesei'i




ANGRY this is an angry dog: nehe' he3 heesnoneet; this dog is angry: nehe' he3 heesnoneet; I am angry: heesnoneenoo; don't be angry!: ciibeh'esnonee; don't be angry with me!: ciibehcih'esnonootoni; are you still angry?: koohenosouneesnonee; he (she) is making me angry: heesinheinoo  




ANIMAL anim. noun; cese'eihii, pl. cese'ehiiho', obv. sg. cese'ehio (refers to:  wild, four-footed animals); the beaver is a small animal: hebes  heecese'ehiinit; the beaver is an animal: hebes cee'se'hiinit; my pet  animal: notonihi';  his (her) pet animal: hitoniho' (obv.); his (her) pet animals: hitonih'o (obv.)




ANKLE  (someone's) ankle: wono', wonoe'; my ankle: nono'; his (her) ankles: hino'(i)no; on, near your ankle: hono'ine'  (also means: "wrist")




ANNIHILATE it is annihilated: neeneenonhii'




ANNIVERSARY howoh cec neniinenii3i'(means: "they have been together many years")




ANNOUNCEMENT  hei'tobeeet  






ANNOUNCER  anim. noun; noooxneihii, pl. noooxneehiiho'




ANNOY  it is annoying (e.g., noise): seniiyeinooni'; he (she) is annoying me: seniineteebeinoo; don't annoy me!: ciibehcou'uhu, ciibehcihcou'uhu (emphatic)




ANOTHER another man: ceese' hinen; another time: hoo3iihi'; another place (away from here): koxhuu, koxhuuniihi'




ANNUL  it is being annulled: neneenonhi' (make invalid)




ANSWER  hooxoeenihiit,  pl. hooxoeenihiitono; I am answering you: honooxoeenhii3e3en; he (she) answered: nih'ooxoeenihiit




ANT   anim. noun; heeni', obv. sg.  heeniiho', pl. and obv. pl. heeniii; his (her) ant: hiteeniiw




ANTELOPE  anim. noun; nisice, obv. sg. nisico, pl. nisic(o)ho'




ANTENNA niisiiteyeinoo' (means: "it receives it")




ANTHILL heeniiyoowu'




ANTHROPOLOGY  neeyeiti3i' heeyowuusiiniinetiit  (means: "they study everyday living")




ANTICIPATE I will anticipate it: hoote'ei heetniise'eenouutowoo




ANTIDOTE   heetbebebiisenhiito' heetohciini'o'une'tiit




ANTIFREEZE   niiciini'ote'




ANUS (someone's) anus: be3it, pl. be3itno; my anus: ne3it




ANXIOUS I am anxious (eager): nonootowooteihnoo, seesiihinoo; I am anxious for something to happen: seesiihiitowoo; I am very anxious: nonootesiihinoo; I am very anxious for something to happen: nonootesiihiitowoo; I am anxious to eat: seesiihiitowoo bii3hiit




ANY   kookiyon;  is any soup left over?: koociicii'iisis hokok




ANYONE (is) anyone at home?: koohentootiin, koohinentooo




ANYTHING  heeyouhuu




ANYTIME  kookiyon hii'iihi'




ANYWAY  konoo'; should I go anyway?: kookonoo'neece3ei'oo




ANYWHERE kookon hee'ii'nei'ii




APACHE coo3o' (means "enemy"), teebe'eisi3i' (means: "they have their hair cut straight, hanging straight down")




APART  it is apart: neyeisiihi'; take it apart (anim. obj.)!: 3owouninee; he (she) took his (her) car (wagon) apart: nih3owounoot hitotiiw; her dress fell apart: nih3owounoo'ooni' hibiixuut; take it apart (inan. obj.)!: 3owounoo




APARTMENT   ceneece'ixo'oowuuni'




APATHY he (she) is apathetic (does not care or have respect): niiciibobooteenebit








APIECE  te3eiciihi'




APOCALYPSE (end of the world) heetwoohoyoo




APOLOGY  he (she)  is apologizing: teeteeso'oot




APPALL   he (she) is appalled: nooo3i3ecoot




APPALOOSA  neenihiibie'3eit (means: "spotted  rear")




APPEALING you are appealing (pleasing): nooxeseihin; he (she) is appealing: nooxeseiht, hii3eiht; he (she) is appealing: hii3oowooneiht




APPEAR  he (she) is appearing: biisiseet  (see: EMERGE)




APPEARANCE (outward indication)  nii'nooyoti'




APPETITE  I have an appetite (for anything, not just food): nooxoxoohowunoo




APPLE  bee'ice'ee', pl. bee'ice'ei'i; the apple is rotten: wooxuse' nuhu' bee'ice'ee'; the apple tastes good: nii'coo' nuhu' bee'ice'ee'; apples are good: bee'ice'ei'i heniixoyou'u




APPLE PIE  bee'i'ce'ee  beesbinoc




APPLIANCE  ciiyono




APPLY I am applying it (ointment): henii3enowoo; apply it (by rubbing)!: hii3enoo




APPOINT  he (she) is being appointed: nihniisi'eihit  neneenit teneeko'oo'




APPRAISE  niitokouuhu' (estimate)




APPRENTICE   he (she)  is apprenticing with (learning): heniixohootowoot




APPROVE  I approve it : xonouuwo3eihinoo




APRIL  benii'owuusiis (spring month)




APRON  se'eictoot, pl. se'eictootno; put the apron on!: se'eictoo; Sun Dance apron: hooteiyoo




ARAPAHO  anim. noun; hinono'ei, pl. hinono'eino', hinono'eiteen (tribe); Arapaho language: hinono'eitiit; I am an Arapaho: hiinono'eininoo; Northern Arapaho term for the Southern Arapaho: noowunen, pl. noowunenno'; Southern Arapaho term for the Northern Arapaho: bo'oociinen, pl. bo'oociinenno' (means: "red willow men"); Arapaho people in the beginning of time: heeteinono'eino'




ARAPAHOE  (town in Wyoming) hinono'ei'; in, near Arapahoe: hinono'ei'




ARAPAHO  RANCH   koonootoo'hoene'  (means: "padlock ranch")




ARBITRATE: he (she) is arbitrating: heeneenetoonouht




ARCH  arch of the instep (of the human foot): heeti'ihtoo, nooxheyihtoo




ARCHERY beete' noh ho3ii tonouyooo;  I do archery (bow and arrows): tonounowoo beete' noh ho3ii




ARCHITECT   ho'oowuu niiwoowo3onoheit  (means: "person who draws houses")




ARGUE I am arguing with you: heniiyo'ootiibe3en; he (she) is arguing with him (her): heniiyo'ootiiwoot; they argued: nih'eeneiyo'ootii3i';  don't argue with me!: ciibehcih'iiyo'ootiibi




ARM   (someone's) arm: benes, pl. benexo; my arm, nenes; his (her) arms: hinesii; I have a broken arm: teebineseenoo; I am putting my arm around you: hee'iitene3en; I am putting my arms around you: heneene'iitene3en; I am putting my arms around him (her): hee'iiteno'; I am putting my arms around it (inan. obj.): hee'iitenowoo; I am raising my arm: henihkohoenoo




ARM BANDS   beescenoyoono




ARMED FORCES  ceece'esbeniiineniiit (different branches of service)




ARMINTO AREA (in Wyoming) nouuhoowu' (means: "fox den")




ARMISTICE DAY: tihciiyoo3eti'  (means: "when the war stopped"), tihciinoo'ei3i' (means: "they laid down their arms")






ARMPIT 3ei3e', be3ee', pl. 3ei3e'eno;  my armpit: ne3ei3e', ne3ee'; under my armpit: ne3ei3e'ine'




ARMY  beniiineniit 




AROMA  niibooo'




AROUND noo'oeeniihi';  tou3eikoe'eino (circumference); I am throwing things around: nonoo'oekuu3einoo; my dog runs around the house: nete3ebiib niinoo'oeekooh(u)t ho'oowuu'; around here: hiitiino;  I am wearing a necklace around my neck: hooxo'einoneenoo wo'ein




AROUND-THE-CL0CK  nonoutow no'oexoo' hiisiii




ARRANGE I am arranging it (inan. obj.): beebii3enowoo; I am arranging things: beneebebii3enowoo; I will arrange the papers: heetbebii3enowoo nuhu' wo3onohoeno, heetbeebebii3enowoo (in several stacks); I will arrange it: heetbeebebii3ooxutinoo




ARREST  he (she) is being arrested: tonouninoo3eiht  




ARRIVE the summer is just arriving: woow beniiceno'oo'; the train arrives in the morning: heso'oonotii niinokoohut noohkuseiciini'i




ARROGANT  he (she) is being arrogant; woowo'oo3etiit;  he (she) is arrogant (habitually) niiwowo'oo3etiit




ARSENAL  tiiwoniniiwooohu'u toxu'ooono




ARROW  ho3, pl. ho3ii; my arrow: neic; his (her) arrow: hiniic; my arrows: neiko; his (her) arrow: hiniiko; one arrow: neniiseti' ho3; two arrows: neniisei'i ho3ii; I am using arrows: toonounowoo hoo3iii; he (she) killed the deer with his (her) second arrow: nihnoh'oot bih'ihii (obv.) hii'iihi' nihnisio'wooni' hiniic




ARROWHEAD woosoo3, pl. woosoo3ii; this arrowhead is made of iron: nuhu' woosoo3 bei'ci3eini'




ART  ceeyowniisi3oono (means" "various art forms")




ARTERY my artery: nebe'ib; my arteries: nebe'iwo'; his (her) artery: hibe'iw




ARTHRITIS  I have arthritis: sesiinooxono'unoo




ARTIST anim. noun; (refers to: a person who draws or writes); niiwoowo3onoheit (makes marks), pl. niiwoowo3onohei3i'






ASCEND  it is ascending (floating/flying): henihco'oo' (inan.); henihco'oot  (anim.);  he (she) is ascending (walking) henihciseet




ASCENSION  (Christian holy day)  hihco'ooniisi' 




ASCERTAIN  I am going to find out for sure: heetwonxouuwoote'enowoo




ASH (what is left after the burning of combustible material) ce'i3ee, pl. ce'i3eeno (individual piles of ashes); don't step into the ashes!: ciibeh'ookou'ouhu hinee ce'i3ee




ASHAMED  I am ashamed: teeyeihnoo; I am ashamed for him (her): teeyeiheinoo




ASHTRAY  ce'i3eenooo, ho3toh'oe




ASIDE  ceibiihi'; step aside!: ceibisee (still walking), ceibto'usee (standing still);  move aside quickly!: ceibihcehi




ASK I am asking you: noottone3en; he (she) is asking him (her): niinottonoot; I am asking him (her): noottono'; I will ask you: heetnottone3en; ask him (her)!: nottonin(ee); he (she) asked him (her) how old he (she) was: nihnottonoot hottohuutocecnibee; I am asking (earnestly) for something: neniitowoonoo




ASLEEP  I am asleep: nook(o)hunoo; I am falling asleep (I am getting sleepy): noowono'oonoo; I fall asleep (habitually): niinok(o)hunoo'oonoo; I will be asleep: heetnok(o)hunoo




ASPEN  biitno' (refers to:  quaking aspen)




ASPHALT   woo'teenoobe' (means: "black sand"),  niiciixokecooo'








ASSAULT   heesiiniehtiit




ASSEMBLE  ho'eixoot (people or things);  niiwoo3ookoni'i  (putting the parts  together)




ASSERT  it is asserted (said correctly, with purpose): heeno nee'eesinhiitee'




ASSERTIVE he (she) is being assertive: behe'iyeiht




ASSETS  his (her) assets: niiheyoo hiciiyoono 




ASSIMILATE  nih'oo3ouniine'tiit  (means: "white man's way of life")




ASSOCIATION (organization of people)  benneniit




ASSORTMENT (different things)  ceece'is  heeyoohuuho (inan.): ceece'is  nentoowoohuut (anim.);  ceneeceneehoooxnei'i  (old form)




ASSUME  it is assumed: wohoe'i3oobee'




ASTHMA  I have asthma (my breathing is labored): neihoowni'o3oow  (means: "I cannot breath")




ASTONISH  I am astonished: ceneecii xouubeihnoo




ASTRAY  he (she) is astray: niinii'wo'oot




ASTRIDE   he (she)  is astride: teneexohut




ASTUTE   he (she) is astute (knows all): niibeh'e'iyeiht




ASYLUM  (mental institution)  hoohookeeno'oowu' (means: "crazy building")




ATHEISM  he (she) does not believe: niicii3oowu3ecoot




ATHEIST  niicii3oowu3ecouhuu




ATHLETE/ATHLETIC  niibehciinonoonehii3ito'




ATTACH   it is attached: hooyeibi', kohyeibi' (pasted on); I am attaching it: henii3itooniitiinoo; 




ATTACK  (in formal warfare or unexpectedly) biishiit; he (she) is attacking him (her), them: biisiitonoot;  my dog attacked the bear: nete3ebiib nihbisiitonoot;  I am attacking you: biisiitone3en; I will attack you (pl.): heetbisiitone3enee;  I am attacking him (her) (verbally): konouso'ootono' (means: "I am spilling it for him")




ATTEMPT  I attempted to do  it: nihneeyei3itoonoo




ATTEND   I will attend it: heetnentootowoo; I will attend to it: heetee'inowoo




ATTENTION  pay attention (listen)!: ceh'e3tii; pay attention to (remember) what is being said!: hiiteyou'uuwu nuhu' heeneesinihiitooni'




ATTITUDE   I had a good attitude: nihni'oxooneihnoo;  I had a bad attitude: neihoowuni'ixooni




ATTRACTIVE this girl is attractive: nehe' hiseihiitei'yoo beebeeneiht; the girl is exceptionally attractive: hiseihiitei'yoo henee3neebebeeneiht




AUBURN  it is auburn (red-brown): bee'niisiih'oo'






AUCTION ceecebeteihtiinotoonoot




AUDIENCE  he (she) is in the audience (onlooker) heesooku'oot; audience: heesooko'ouhuuho' (onlookers)




AUGER  tonooxohoe, pl. tonooxohoeeno




AUGUST  niinihoonkoo' (refers to: "yellow leaves")




AUNT  anim. noun; (father's sister) my aunt: nehei; his (her), aunt: hiheo (obv.); my aunts: neheiho'; (my) aunt (voc.)!: neheihoo; my father's younger sister is my aunt: neisonoo hinoohowoho' neneeneni3 neheiho




AUTHOR  woo3onoheihii




AUTHORIZE  I am authorizing it: xonouwooteeneetowoo; I am authorizing them (inan.): xonouwooteeneetowou'u




AUTOMOBILE  anim. noun; niiniihen ceb(i)koohut (means: "it runs by itself"), pl. niiniihen cebkoohuu3i'; my car: nototii (my wheel, wagon); my cars: nototiiwo'; his (her) car: hitotiiw (obv.); his (her) cars: hitotiiwo (obv.)




AUTUMN tooyouni', ceenkoo'; leaves fall in the autumn: tooyouni'i biiciixo niicensei'i




AUXILIARY beniiineseiniit benneniit  (refers to: women's auxiliary)




AVAILABLE  it is available: heeneebeeso'  heentou'




AVALANCHE  seniiwohoe'ii'o'  hiii  (snow); seniiiwohoe'ii'o' hoho'nookeeno'  (rocks)




AVENGE  ho3tonetiit




AVERAGE  3eneecei'iiniihi'




AVOID  he (she) is avoiding him (her): hoowbeetowo'onee; I am avoiding it (inan. obj.) honoonoh'ei'owoo




AWAKE   I am awake: hoowoto'oonoo, hoowoonoo'oonoo;  I will be awake: heetnoowoto'oonoo;  are you awake?: koohoowoto'oo




AWARE   I am aware of it: hee'inowoo (I know it); are you aware of it? koohee'in, kee'in; I am clearly aware of it: cenihkone'inowoo; I was clearly aware of it: nihcihkone'inowoo;






AWAY right away: (xo)xonou; far away: beebei'on; I am far away: ceniixokunoo; I am swimming away: cee33ouwunoo; he (she) is running away: cee3ikoohut; he (she) is walking away: cee3ei'oot; I am throwing it (inan. obj.) away: hooseikuutiinoo; it (anim. obj.) is creeping away: cee33ooceiseet; get away, get out of the way!: wootoo; throw it (inan. obj.) away!: hoseikuutii; throw it (anim. obj.) away!: hoseikuusin; take me away!: ce3ihxohu; he (she) took him (her) away: nihce3xohoot; he took it (inan. obj.) away: nihce3ixotiit; my father will give away his horse: neisonoo heetneeceenohoeet hitonih'o (obv.);  I am absent (not present): neihoowuunentoo




AWE  he (she) is in awe: nooo3i3ecoot (sorrowfully)




A.W.O.L.  he (she) is away without leave: koo3eeneeseet




AWL  kokouubei, pl. kokouubeiho; kokoyeiyo' (buckskin needle), pl.  kokoyou'u




AWL CASE  beihoo




AX  ho'noox, hoh'onoox, pl. ho'noo3o, hoh'onoo3o,  my ax: notoh'onoox; the ax is sharp: hoh'onoox nonoo3iiyoo', hoh'onoox tooxu'oo'; this ax is dull: hoowtoxu'oo nuhu' hoh'onoox (not sharp); be careful, this ax is dangerous: honoyoohootowoo neestoonoo3oo' nuhu' hoh'onoox, ho'noox




AXLE GREASE  seencei