Specimen Mountain
Arapaho Heetohxouu'oo'
Analysis Heetoh-xouu'-oo'


Translation Mountain Smokes

Notes:jThe Arapaho knew this as the mountain that smoked, a reflection of the volcanic origin of this area. One of the 1914 Arapaho told a legend by arranging eight stones on the ground, each representing a generation of his ancestors. Placing the last stone, he said, "This man, when he was a boy, saw smoke coming out of the mountain." This mountain is said to have been active to the extent of emitting gases and smoke active as recently as 500 to 1,000 years ago. But according to geologic history, stones should have been piled up all day to represent the time passed since the mountain had smoked. There is another story that once a party of Indians tried to climb the mountain, but the top was so hot that they were unable to continue. The mountain roared and rumbled and rocks from the top hissed and exploded upon hitting moist ground. A battle was also fought here around 1860 in which the Arapaho stole some horses from the Utes.sdfhgfsdghi}

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