Shadow Mountain
Arapaho Beniixotoyoo'
Analysis Beniix-otoy-oo' or Beniis-otoy-oo'


Bald-mountain-it is or Hairy-mountain-it is
Translation Pine Ridge

Notes:jThis ridge has also been called Wooded Mountain, Echo Mountain, and Lookout Mountain. The Arapaho called it Pine Ridge probably due to the dense stand of lodgepole pine covering it. These trees with their thin trunks and easily-chopped off branches made good poles for Indian tepees. At a battle here two Arapaho were once wounded. One was named Tobacco (Seesahwah) and the other Wahsaa. Some men carried Tobacco down the mountain to the edge of the lake. Since they were unable to carry him through the woods because of his injury and the threat of discovery by the Utes, they made a raft and swam across the lake with him on it. It was reportedly a hard trip and they got cold and had to stop often to rest. The men who performed this rescue were Old Man Friday, White Horse, Six Feathers and Black and Red Wolf.sdfhgfsdghi}

Shadow Mountain with Shadow Mountain Lake in front