Hill east of the Stanley Hotel
Arapaho Ceneenohwoot Tihyooni'
Analysis Cenee-nohwoot tih-yoo-ni'


Sage grouse-dance when-put up a lodge-we
Translation When/where we put up the Sage Dance Lodge (Sage Chicken Dance)

Notes:jThis round hill north of the river and east of the Stanley Hotel used to be called this from the dances held there. This was a long time ago, before the Pipe Dance. Sage Chicken Dances were regular festivals of the Arapaho and were always held in the same place. These dances consisted of a fast during the day and a big sage chicken dinner at night, after which the actual dance took place. Part of the dance ceremony was that for three days no one was to speak a harsh word to anyone else, and everyone was to have a good time.sdfhgfsdghi}

This may have been the hill referred to by the 1914 Arapahos. It was described as once having a lone pine tree on top, but now there are many trees.