North Fork of Colorado River
Arapaho Kooh'(oh)wuu Niiceehehe'
Analysis Kooh'ohwuu Niicii-hehe'


Coyote river-(diminutive)
Translation Coyote Creek or Little Coyote Creek

Notes:jIn the days when the Colorado River was called the Grand, four forks joined together to from the headwaters of the Grand. Now the Lake fork is under Shadow Mountain Lake, the East fork is called Buchanan Creek, and the South fork is under Lake Granby. That leaves only the North fork intact today. This was one of the most important geographical features named by the Arapaho. The name Kawuneechee has been given to the valley that the river passes through. There used to be a log across this river on which they crossed near Grand Lake. One of the Arapaho in 1914 was able to point out the exact place where the log had been cut with a stone axe, which they said made a smoother cut than the white man's axe. Apparently they had cut another log from the other side and tied the two together in the middle with rawhide. The creek was 40 feet wide at this point.gsdfhgfsdghi}

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