Arapaho Stories



Arapaho stories are important part of the Arapaho culture: they carry knowledge, history, and tradition of the Arapaho people. Before Arapaho was written down, elders would tell stories to pass them onto new generations. You can learn a lot from the Arapaho stories, but most importantly, you can see and hear the Arapaho language in use.


In this section we have tried to gather some of the traditional Arapaho narratives so that students can practice reading and speaking Arapaho. Each story will have Arapaho and English version, and an audio recording of the original. Below are the most common story genres. Click on the links below or on the left to access the stories.


Trickster Stories

Strong Bear Stories

Believe-It-Or-Not Stories

Ghost Stories

Arapaho Legends

Historical Narratives

Instructional Stories

Stories from Oklahoma