Personal items of George W. Nace from his time serving in Japan.

From the Archives: George W. Nace

June 1, 2018

George W. Nace (1920-1987) was an innovative developmental biologist at Duke University and the University of Michigan. The son of a missionary, he spent much of his childhood in Japan where he became fluent in Japanese. During WWII, Nace used his talents in the Japanese language and received a certificate...

Archivist David Hays holding a copy of Deciphering the Rising Sun with a personal thank you inscription by the author.

Q and A with archivist David Hays

May 29, 2018

How did you become interested in being an archivist? What was your path to where you are now? I worked in the Archives while a graduate student in American History at CU. Like many history students and scholars, I had long been fascinated by primary historical sources: letters, minutes, diaries,...

An picture of the WAVES.

From the Archives: WAVES

May 27, 2018

WAVES, “Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service,” were officers in the US Navy during World War II and some were accepted into the US Navy Japanese Language School. Of those who were recruited to the school in 1943, some had been born and/or raised in Asia, like Emma McCloy, who...

An image of a woman from our archives.

From the Archives: Images from the Japanese Internment Camps

May 15, 2018

Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the forced relocation of Japanese Americans living on the West Coast with Executive Order 9066. Over the spring of 1942, some 120,000 Japanese Americans were "evacuated" and placed into temporary "assembly centers" before being...

Young children at the Tinian School set up by CU Japanese Language School graduate, LT Telfer Mook in 1944.

Tinian's School for Japanese Children, 1944-1945

March 27, 2018

After the Battle of Tinian in August 1944, most in the Pacific thought the war would last until 1948 – “Golden Gate in 48,” as the saying went. So what to do with 4,000 children in a displaced camp on Tinian in the Marianas? Lt. Telfer Mook, a Navy Japanese...

Glen Slaughter, Seiichi Komesu, and Glenn Nelson in Okinawa, 1945

Three men who saved lives on Okinawa

March 12, 2018

Glen Slaughter, Seiichi "Tony" Komesu and Glenn Nelson in Okinawa, 1945 Glen K. Slaughter and Glenn W. Nelson were Marine Corps Japanese Language Officers who met at the US. Navy Japanese Language School at the University of Colorado Boulder. They served together on Okinawa in the 6th Marine Division. Together...

Three women at the US Navy Japanese Language School at CU Boulder

Nancy Pearce Helmbold

March 8, 2018

Nancy Hembold, far left, and two other women at the US Navy Japanese Language School at CU Boulder Born December 16, 1918, in Abilene, Texas, Nancy Pearce Helmbold was the second of three daughters to a typewriter salesman and his wife. After graduating from high school as valedictorian, Helmbold attended...