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How to get access

  • Start with the library website search. OneSearch resources will automatically ask you to login with your IdentiKey if you're off-campus.
  • Find your database, explore new databases, or view current database trials on the A-Z Database list. These pages will let you know if your database has any access restrictions, such as VPN only usage, or registration required.
  • Use the VPN from OIT. This is especially helpful if you don’t usually start your research from the library website, as it will mimic on-campus access. Please note that you must be connected to, does not allow access to library resources.
  • Connect Google Scholar with CU Boulder resources. Go into settings -> Library Links. Search for University of Colorado Boulder and select University of Colorado Boulder - Find It @ CU. Once this is set up in your browser it should show the Find It link in Google Scholar both on and off-campus.
  • Install LibKey Nomad on your Browser. Once installed, this extension will show an easy access button for a limited number of our resources on third party websites like PubMed.

Who can get access

All current CU Boulder students, faculty members, emerita faculty members and employees with an active CU IdentiKey can access a majority of Libraries-subscribed databases and online resources from an off-campus location. Please see our database terms of use for legal limitations on using these resources.

Alumni and public access to electronic resources

Off-campus access to our databases and online resources is restricted to current students, faculty, emerita faculty and employees. Some resources do allow walk-in access for public patrons. Please contact our Ask A Librarian service for more information.

Need help?

If you don’t find what you need, please contact your subject specialist, submit an interlibrary loan request, or submit a purchase suggestion.

If you’re having difficulty with locating or accessing specific resources, contact us via our Ask A Librarian service or email us at


Last updated August 2023