Graduate carrels Assigned carrel spaces

Carrel spaces are available in Norlin Library, on the third and fifth floors, for graduate students. 

  • Third floor Graduate Suite (Norlin N310): Shared desks (two people per desk), but each individual is given their own locking storage attached to the desk
    • Access to the Graduate Suite will be via card swipe access for those individuals assigned a carrel. Students who previously had access will retain their access until the space is redesigned.
  • Fifth floor (Norlin N520, N524): Individual desks, but no storage available

Graduate students may request to be put on the waitlist by emailing Please specify your preferred carrel space (3rd floor or 5th floor), or you may request to be put on both waitlists and you will be assigned to whatever space becomes available first.

First-come, first-serve space

Graduate students and faculty may check out a key at the Norlin East service desk to access several study spaces in Norlin Library for day use on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

  • Four spaces are available:
    • Norlin S180A-C, located in the Science Stacks
    • Norlin S250
  • Spaces can accomodate up to four individuals simultaneously.

For more information, please visit a service desk in Norlin Library or contact us: