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Email: MediaServices@Colorado.EDU 

Telephone: 303-735-2681

University Libraries’ Digital Media Services (DMS) digitize a variety of audiovisual media for academic, promotional, or personal use. We work with a wide range of archival and legacy audio and video tapes, discs, phonograph records, and motion picture film reels. For information about streaming media, please see our Digitization Services & Streaming Media page.

Using our versatile toolset, we convert original formats and provide necessary post-production for reliable playback and digital preservation—all with a commitment to professional standards and best practices. Our aim is to support the strategic goals of the University of Colorado while reaching out to the wider community. Whether you are affiliated with the University, a business or non-profit community organization, or you need assistance with a personal project, Digital Media Services is here to help. 

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Visitor Information

Visit Norlin Library’s East entrance service desk to drop off a request (Norlin Library floor plans).

Visitors to campus should consult visitor/short-term parking information provided by CU Boulder Parking Services. For your convenience, the closest short-term pay parking is available at Lot 205 (map Lot 205). For public ADA-accessible parking, paid parking is available at Lot 368 (map Lot 368); to obtain the necessary gate code to access this lot, please call Libraries' Security at 303-492-5527. Directions to most campus lots are also available via Google Maps.

    Price List 

    Please contact us by email at MediaServices@Colorado.EDU or call 303-735-2681 for price estimates for your audio, video, or film transfer inquiry. Prices are based on format type, recording length, and condition of the items. Turnaround time depends on our current backlog and the size or complexity of your order. 

    Duplication and Reformatting

    • Audio Conversion: $16 - $32 per item for a single digital file 
    • Video Conversion: $15 - $32 per item for a single digital file 
    • Film Digitization: $70 - $120 per film for a single digital file 

    Additional costs may apply for lengthy recordings, extra enhancements, multiple file outputs, DVD copies, special handling, and/or repairs. 

    Previewing Items

    Audio, Video, and Film Preview: $10 for a 30-minute session 

    If you are unsure whether you would like to digitize an item, you can schedule a time to come in and verify the content prior to deciding to digitize. Ability to preview may depend on the condition of items. 

    Rare and Distinctive (RaD) Audio, Video, and/or Film Collections

    To help provide and expand access to valuable content held by RaD, DMS offers two digitization services to researchers, departments, groups, organizations, and public patrons. Either option can be paid for by Department Speedtype, grant funds, or personal funds.  

    • One-Off Digitization: This option provides digital file copies of archival media content for small requests at no cost. Offered on a first come, first served basis until funding is no longer available to cover the cost of digitization for the fiscal year. 
    • Project Digitization: For large requests; a cost estimate can be provided. Under this option, standard fees for full digitization workflow apply. 
      • Audio Digitization: $35 - $60 per item 
      • Video Digitization: $35 - $80 per item 
      • Film Digitization: $50 - $100 per item 

    Additional costs may apply for lengthy recordings, extra enhancements, special handling, and/or repairs. 

    We can only assess the condition of a RaD item and confirm its exact duration when we receive and capture it, so we cannot ensure exact costs up front. However, if you are operating within a strict budget, we can actively monitor the actual costs as we go and work from a prioritized list until we reach a set budget amount. 

    Because each One-Off or Project Digitization request must be initially assessed for scope, feasibility, and timing, it is possible that a request may not be immediately accepted due to lack of funding, increased backlog, or existing project priorities. In these instances, Digital Media Services will discuss future scheduling possibilities with you.       

    If you have any questions regarding the digitization process prior to initiating a request, please contact Digital Media Services (DMS) at MediaServices@Colorado.EDU.    

    To initiate one of the above digitization requests, please contact Rare and Distinctive Collections (RaD) at RaD will retrieve and prep the archival items then forward the request to DMS for digitization.  


    Payment is expected upon completion of a request. Acceptable payment types include credit card, check, or SpeedType (a university affiliated number). Delivery of digital files is facilitated through CU’s Large File Transfer system or by flash/external drive provided by you. 


    You will be required to sign a Copyright Acknowledgement Statement when submitting your duplication or reformatting request. The University Libraries reserves the right to refuse a reproduction request if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the request would violate Copyright. The Libraries will notify you if your request can’t be fulfilled due to copyright restrictions. 

    Last updated January 2024