University Libraries Digital Media Services can digitize or reformat a variety of analog and digital media formats for academic, promotional or personal use. Using our versatile toolset, we can copy and transfer media, edit content, encode web files for streaming, and convert many old and new formats for reliable playback, online access, and digital preservation—all with a commitment to professional standards and best practices. 

We work with a wide range of archival and legacy audio and video tapes, discs, phonograph records, motion picture film reels, and virtually all multimedia file types. Bulk duplication and color disc printing are also available.

Our aim is to support the strategic goals of the University of Colorado while reaching out to the wider community. Whether you are affiliated with the University, a business or non-profit community organization, or you need assistance with a personal project, Digital Media Services is here to help. Contact us by email MediaServices @ Colorado.EDU or phone: 303-735-2681.

On this page:

Conversion / Digitization / Duplication

The following descriptions will help you identify the type and method of media digitization or conversion that best fits your request. 

  • Video Tape to Digital File or DVD: Convert and encode any supported video format (tape, disc or file) to a digital file format or DVD for use in presentations, editing applications, web publishing, or download to mobile devices. Common file formats are MP4, M4V, QuickTime (.MOV), WMV and AVI.
  • Motion Picture Film Digitalization: Digitize 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm motion picture reel film to Uncompressed, ProRes, and MP4 formats.
  • Audio Tape to Digital File or CD: Convert and encode any supported audio format (tape, disc or file) to a digital file format for use in presentations, editing applications, web publishing, download to mobile devices. Common file formats are AAC, MP3, AIFF and WAV.
  • Phonograph record to digital file or CD: Convert all types of phonograph records (33/45/78rpm) to digital file or CD. Optionally, perform professional disc cleaning and apply pop and scratch removal.
  • File Conversion: Convert any audio or video file to another format for compatibility with editing, web upload, or playback applications.
  • Custom DVD Menu: Include a customized DVD menu that displays each chapter, clip or program break that you wish to create. You must first preview the videocassette or DVD to identify the precise start and end times for each break. The DVD menu is accessible from your remote control or media player.
  • Foreign Region Video Conversion (PAL/SECAM/MESACAM to NTSC) Convert a foreign region VHS tape or DVD to a digital file or DVD that can be played on equipment in North and South America (NTSC). Or, vice versa, convert an American DVD or VHS tape to a foreign region format (PAL/SECAM). Due to the difference between formats, the original disc menu usually can’t be retained during conversion.
  • Video Clip Editing: Create a video file or slideshow containing multiple clips or images. Clips can be compiled and edited from tapes, discs, camera media, and video files.
  • Audio CD Compilation: Create a “mix” combining multiple audio tracks or songs on a CD. The mix can be compiled from audiocassette, reel tape, phonograph record, CD, or other audio sources.
  • Single Disc Copy (Audio and Video): Duplicate a single copy of a CD or DVD. Direct disc-to-disc duplication may not be possible for some types of audio and video discs. In this case, real-time transfer will be required and normal audio or video conversion pricing will apply.
  • Multiple Copies and Bulk Duplication: Reproduce multiple copies of any supported video, audio or data format—in small or large quantities—to CD or DVD. You provide the master, or we can create the master for you using one of the above methods.
  • Disc Title Printing: We print your title information and any graphic images, in color, directly to the CD or DVD disc face. We’ll provide a suitable background theme from our image library or you can submit your own jpeg image to include on the printed disc.

Submitting Service Requests

Visit the Norlin Library service desk, contact us by email at MediaServices @ Colorado.EDU or call 303-735-2681 to request the appropriate service form for your media project. You will be required to sign a Copyright Acknowledgement Statement when submitting your duplication or reformatting request.

Off-Campus Orders

Digital Media Services accepts off-campus requests from individuals and organizations. Please contact us by email at MediaServices @ Colorado.EDU or call 303-735-2681 to inquire or place your order.

Expect additional shipping and handling costs and longer turnaround times for mail order requests.

Libraries Personnel Requests

Subject Specialist Requests 

Libraries subject specialists are encouraged to submit a GetHelp ticket to “Libraries Specific Applications and Technology” when assisting faculty members and instructors with streaming media requests or other media services. We will include the appropriate form in response to the ticket.

Other Libraries Project Requests 

Libraries personnel may download request forms for assistance with internal Libraries event productions and digitization projects from the Media Services SharePoint.

Service Fees

Prices for Digital Media Services are modest in comparison with most commercial services. Please contact us by email at MediaServices @ Colorado.EDU or call 303-735-2681 for price estimates for your audio, video, or film transfer inquiry. Prices are based on format type and recording length.

  • Rates for audio and video conversion typically range from $15 - $35 per digital transfer
  • Film transfer rates are usually in the $70 - $90 range
  • Additional costs may apply for lengthy recordings, extra enhancements, or special handling and repairs

Audiocassettes, Reel Tapes and Phonodiscs/Phonograph Records

  • $4.00 per song track (if digitized separately)
  • $15.00 per capture of multiple songs/tracks in a single file (i.e. without track breaks)
  • $10.00 minimum per faculty request
  • $36.00 maximum per tape, cassette, or phonodisc/phonograph record

Acceptable forms of payment for all service orders

  • Authorized SpeedType Account Number
  • Authorized Interdepartmental Invoice (IN)
  • University Procurement Card
  • Personal Credit Card, Personal Check or Money Order
  • Cash not accepted

Pick up your completed order at the Norlin Library Service Desk. We will contact you by email when your order is finished.

Turnaround time depends on our current backlog and the size or complexity of your order – usually two to five days for most orders.

Delivery of Finished Media

You may select from the following two options for delivery of your converted audio and video content (for non-streaming orders):

  • Portable flash media
    You may submit a blank personal flash drive with your order, or we can provide you with USB flash drives from our own stock at a charge ($4 - $8 per item).
  • Blank DVD/CD media
    To ensure consistent and reliable results, Digital Media Services provides blank discs for customer orders. We use only the highest quality disc media recommended by the industry for stable copying, durability, and compatibility with most players and disc printing systems.

For orders that exceed the capacity of flash drives or disc media, we will copy your content to a personal external drive or send your files via the CU Large File Transfer Service or Google Drive share.

Supported Formats


  • DVD
  • Blu-ray disc 
  • S-VHS
  • Hi8, Video8, Digital8
  • Mini DV, DVCAM, HDV
  • Laserdisc
  • Video CD (VCD)
  • Betacam SP
  • Digital Betacam
  • Betamax (I, II, III)
  • ¾” U-Matic
  • Flash memory cards (CF, SD, etc.)

Video Files

  • Most common and pro formats
  • QuickTime (MOV) – Uncompressed, ProRes, MPEG-4
  • MP4
  • AVI
  • WMV


  • Standard audiocassette
  • Reel-to-reel tape (3 ¾”, 7 ½”, 10”)
  • Phonograph Records (33/45/78 rpm)
  • CD
  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT)

Audio Files

  • Most common and pro formats
  • MP3
  • M4A
  • AAC
  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • WMA

Data and Images

  • Flash and external drives (formatted APFS, Mac OS Extended, or exFAT for Windows/Mac compatibility)
  • All memory card formats
  • File formats of all kinds: JPEG, TIFF, PDF

Last updated October 2023