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About Norlin Course Reserves

*     All online forms are for materials to be kept at Norlin Library only. If you wish to place items on reserve at one of the branch libraries (e.x. the Music Library), please refer to the contact information on the previous page.

*     The following form is intended to move a course currently listed in Chinook to an upcoming semester.

*     Before continuing, please use this link,, to see if the course is already listed under your name. If the course is present, please continue with this form. 

*     If you would like to add or remove materials for this course, please continue with this form as there is an option to add or remove items.

*     If your course is not listed in Chinook, please use the "Add a New Course" form available on the previous page.

*     Be aware that it may take several days for a course to be altered in Chinook. 

*     Courses are not automatically added or altered to Chinook upon completion of a form. Each form must be manually processed by the course reserves unit.

*     Requests are processed in the order they are received, so submit your forms as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please contact Norlin Course Reserves at or at 303-492-7147