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About Norlin Course Reserves

*     This form is for items to be held at Norlin Library only

*     The form is intended to add a new course to the library catalog, Chinook.

*     Before continuing, please check Chinook to see if the course and instructor is already listed.

*     If the course is already listed in Chinook and you wish to move the course to an upcoming semester, please fill out the "Roll Over A Course To An Upcoming Semester" form available on the previous page.

*     If the course is already listed in Chinook, or if you have recently submitted an  "Add a New Course" form, and wish to add or remove materials to that course, please use the "Add Or Remove Materials From An Existing Course" form available on the previous page.

If you have any questions, please contact Norlin Course Reserves at reserves@colorado.edu or at 303-492-7147