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About Gemmill Course Reserves

*     This form is for items to be held at Gemmill Library only

*     The form is intended to add a new course to the library catalog, Chinook.

*     Before continuing, please check Chinook to see if the course and instructor is already listed.

*     If the course is already listed in Chinook and you wish to move the course to an upcoming semester, please fill out the Roll Over Course Reserves - Gemmill Library form.

*     If the course is already listed in Chinook, or if you have recently submitted a "New Course Reseves" form, and wish to add or remove materials to that course, please use the Add Or Remove Materials Currently On Reserve - Gemmill Library form.

If you have any questions, please contact Gemmill Course Reserves at gemmillreserves@colorado.edu or at 303-492-5396.