Course reserves are a great way to help students access the materials being taught in courses without additional financial burden, especially those that may be hard to find. Items on reserve can be accessed by the whole class, and are available for short-term checkout. The library can provide access to a variety of materials including books, ebooks, scores, DVDs, streaming film and more (guidelines and policies for course reserves).

Electronic or physical materials (from the Libraries' collection or personal/departmental materials) may be placed on reserve at any of our campus library locations. We encourage educators to opt for electronic course reserves, which have the following advantages: 

  • Access, without interruption, for the whole class 
    We check the number of licenses that the library currently has access to and compare that to the number of students enrolled in your course to make sure we have an acceptable amount. If more licenses are needed, we’ll try to purchase more without you having to ask. 

    Publishers update and change access data constantly and an item URL that you provide for your students to use may no longer be valid. Course reserve regularly receives information about these changes and updates item data for materials on course reserves when affected. By putting an item on course reserve, your students will always have access to the correct location. 

  • All library materials on reserve accessible from one place 
    All materials available from the library will be listed under the course in the library catalog, making access easier for students to find and access the materials.