ames “Jim” Zarichny, a lifelong activist in the labor, civil rights, peace, and socialist movements

From the Archives: James Zarichny

April 8, 2018

James “Jim” Zarichny was a lifelong activist in the labor, civil rights, peace, and socialist movements. During his undergraduate career in Michigan, he was put on probation for distributing leaflets, sentenced to prison (for a day!), and eventually expelled for his Communist Party membership. After a few years working at...

Sepia tone photo of James Washington Bell

From the Archives: James W. Bell

April 7, 2018

Dr. James W. Bell was born in Strafort in 1855. He attended the University of Toronto (BA), and the University of Leipzig (MA & PhD). Bell received the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Leipzig. He wrote his dissertation on emigration and was the first recipient of...

Papers from the Adrienne Anderson Collection

From the Archives: Adrienne Anderson

April 6, 2018

Along with her work as an instructor in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, Adrienne Anderson was a longtime environmental activist who worked with labor unions, neighborhoods affected by industrial pollution, and a host of organizations on behalf of environmental justice. As an activist with the Toxic Alliance...

Man and a burro loaded with bags on the mountain side. Details unknown.

The General Photograph Collection of CU Boulder Archives

April 5, 2018

Many of the photos in the CU Boulder Archives are dispersed throughout a variety of collections and require a little bit of effort to find exactly what you might want to see...that is, if what you want to see even exists in one of our collections! One of the collections...

Ruth Cave Flowers

The Legacy of Ruth Cave Flowers

April 4, 2018

Yesterday, April 3rd, 2018, we highlighted Lucile Berkeley Buchanan, CU’s first African-American female graduate who was looked over by history. Tonight, Buchanan will be posthumously honored at the first Lucile Berkeley Buchanan Lecture with a presentation by Polly McLean. Buchanan graduated in 1918, but it was long thought that Ruth...

 Lucille Berkeley Buchanan

Missing from the Archives: Lucille Berkeley Buchanan

April 3, 2018

We congratulate CU Boulder Associate Professor of Media Studies Polly E. Bugros McLean on her research into Lucille Berkeley Buchanan , and her designation to give the inaugural Lucille Berekeley Buchanan Lecture , Wednesday, April 4, 6:30 p.m. in Old Main Chapel. Mclean spent more than a decade exhuming Buchanan’s...

Dr. Edward U. Condon

From the Archives: Edward U. Condon and UFO studies

April 2, 2018

Dr. Edward U. Condon (1902-1974), professor of physics and astrophysics and fellow of the Joint Institute of Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA) at the University of Colorado, was well-known for his participation in the development of radar and nuclear weapon. The Franck–Condon principle and the Slater–Condon rules are co-named after him. Condon...

Students gather to listen to a protest leader outside Norlin in the 1970s

From the Archives: Student Protests

April 1, 2018

The Vice President for Student Affairs Office Records, President's Office Records, Bob Dunham Files, Colorado Daily, Robert Greene, Steven Johnson, and the PhotoLab Collections are among the places one can look for not only Vietnam War Protests, but also demonstrations on a range of In Loco Parentis issues, as students...

1970s newspaper with a photo of Cesar Chavez

From the Archives: The Lettuce Strike of 1973

March 31, 2018

Today, March 31st, is the day the US celebrates the legacy of the civil rights and labor movement activist, César Chávez. Chávez was dedicated to improving the lives of farm workers through the use of non-violent practices such as boycotts and strikes. In the 1970s, Chávez and the United Farm...

Old cardboard shoe boxes

From the Archives: the boxes themselves

March 30, 2018

d The first image of 1923 shoeboxes, that originally held portions of the James F. Willard collection (the progenitor of the CU Boulder Archives), while strange, are some of the more “acceptable” boxes in which materials have been sent to the archives. More commonly, probably due to their sturdiness, we...