Some library databases allow researchers to use an API, or application programming interface, to download and analyze content for text or data mining purposes. Contact the Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship to find out if a specific library database allows for text or data mining. You can also use our Find Data & Statistics guide to learn more about finding data and data sets.

Individual Database API Instructions

Web of Science

  1. Sign up for a developer portal account. All users must use their University of Colorado Boulder email address to sign up, must be on the VPN, and must also be an authorized user meaning they are an enrolled student, staff, faculty, or affiliate of the University of Colorado Boulder.
  2. Select "Web of Science API Lite" at Step 3 “Subscribe to an API.”
  3. Complete the registration form for the API you are requesting access to and include a detailed description of how you intend to use the API. Clarivate reviews and approves applications and may reach out with additional questions regarding your project prior to approval.