What if I need a scan of an article or book chapter?

Log into ILLiad, select “New Request – Article” or “New Request – Book Chapter” and enter the citation information. Multiple requests for scans from one publication must be ordered as separate requests (i.e. a request for pages 25-50 and pages 100-125 from the same journal or book, needs to be split into two requests).

Requests for scans longer than 50 pages need to be requested as a loan. Multiple requests from a particular book or journal may also be requested as a loan due to copyright restrictions. Some requests for articles and book chapters may be filled by a paper copy. If your request is filled by a copy, you’ll receive an email directing you to pick up the copy at the Norlin Circulation Desk.

How long does it take for my scan to arrive?

Article and book chapter scans are generally filled within 48 to 72 hours. Some requests may take longer to fill. When the scan is available for download, you’ll receive an email directing you to log on to your ILLiad account to retrieve the scan.

What if I need a scan of something in the University Libraries collection or something housed at PASCAL?

If you need an article or book chapter from at item held by the University Libraries, fill out a request in ILLiad as you would for any other article request. Once your request is received by ILL staff, they will direct the request to the Library’s Document Delivery staff. If you have a question about scanning University Libraries materials, please contact Document Delivery.

Can I get a scan from a book or journal that is on the reserve shelf?

Materials on the reserve shelf are not scanned by Document Delivery for students. Faculty may request scans from reserve shelf items.

I’m away from campus, can I get a scan of an entire book that I need?

No, that would be a violation of copyright law.

How long will my scan be available for?

Scanned materials are loaded onto a library server and after 30 days these files are deleted. Please either print or save any files to your computer as soon as possible.

If I am not eligible for ILL, how do I obtain scans from PASCAL?

If you’re a patron type that doesn’t receive ILL privileges, you won’t be able to request scans of PASCAL items from Document Delivery. However, you may borrow the physical items and use the scanning or copying equipment available at the library.