The University of Colorado Boulder Libraries are delighted to participate in CU Boulder Where You Are: An Online Series Highlighting Teaching, Research and Innovation, a virtual outreach series led by Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano.

Each season, viewers hear and participate in engaging discussions with campus faculty covering an array of academic disciplines. Following these discussions, CU Boulder library subject specialists and archivists share additional multimedia works to support your educational journey.

Emily Dommermuth headshot

CU Where You Are: Media recommendations for using scientific discovery processes to impact humanity

March 12, 2021

Emily Dommermuth, Science & Engineering Librarian, has identified media recommendations that illustrate how human connections forged in scientific research collaborations can help us solve humanities’ biggest challenges.

Natalia Tingle

CU Where You Are: Inclusion in government, business and beyond media recommendations

March 8, 2021

Business Collections & Reference Librarian Natalia Tingle has identified media recommendations to foster your study of issues around diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Merinda thumbnail image

CU Where You Are: Be well media recommendations

March 1, 2021

Health & Human Sciences Librarian Merinda McLure has identified a sampling of health and wellness media and welcomes the opportunity to continue uncovering resources with you.

Megan Friedel

Media recommendations for 'The Women Who Run With Ralphie'

Aug. 19, 2020

Head of Archives Megan Friedel offers media recommendations on the history of CU Boulder's mascot program, women in leadership and information about the North American bison in general.

Liz Novosel

Researching communication and social justice with the University Libraries

Aug. 12, 2020

Liaison & Projects Librarian Liz Novosel and Social Sciences Librarian Stacy Gilbert have reviewed many media related to social justice promotion through communication research.

Megan Friedel

University Libraries' Archives recommends resources on CU Football

Aug. 4, 2020

Head of Archives Megan Friedel provides us with media resources to satisfy the curiosity of history buffs and CU Football fans everywhere.

Phil White

Falling in love with landscapes and libraries media recommendations

July 28, 2020

Earth Sciences & Environment Librarian Philip White has organized additional resources on Antarctica and the intersections of science, art and activism.

Librarian Phil White

'Stand Up for Climate Change' with libraries media recommendations

July 20, 2020

Earth Sciences & Environment Librarian Phil White and Romance Languages Librarian Kathia Ibacache have curated a laugh-out-loud series of books and videos that use humor as a means of creative climate communication.

Kathia Ibacache

'The Bridge, The Break and Belonging' libraries media recommendations

July 16, 2020

Romance Languages Librarian and Assistant Professor Kathia Ibacache offers multimedia suggestions, chosen to highlight expressions of dance as a means to advocate for diversity, equity and anti-racist initiatives.