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Members of CEAL look through the University Libraries' Asian Studies collection.

University Libraries Hosts CEAL Annual Meeting

March 21, 2019

Over 100 members of the Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) came to the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries as part of a pre-conference for their annual meeting on Tuesday. CEAL and the Association of Asian Studies (AAS) attended a series of workshops that primed participants for the days ahead...

Japan and Disaster: 1670-1995

Japan and Disaster: 1670-1995

May 10, 2016

Five years ago a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan off the coast of the Tōhoku region. The quake and the subsequent tsunami led to the death of 15,000 people. 2,500 are still missing. University Libraries' Special Collections & Archives features three centuries of works that highlight the resilience of Japan...