In Summer 2023, the University Libraries will undergo a major system migration in order to transition to a new Library Services Platform (LSP).  Over the course of the 2021-23 academic years, we are working to prepare for the transition to our new LSP, FOLIO. 

While this change will impact all aspects of our work within the library, our transition to the FOLIO LSP is unlikely to be visible to researchers and learners. However, as part of this project, our existing discovery search platforms, the Library Catalog and OneSearch, will also change.

This migration will move us to a more modern software that will result in cost savings, increase workflow efficiencies and allow us to move to an open source platform. This project aligns with the Libraries’ strategic plan to support technologies that are open, interoperable, universally designed, and prioritize user privacy.

Transition to the new OneSearch

As part of the process of moving to the new FOLIO LSP, we have updated our main library search. The New OneSearch, provided by EBSCO, features advanced personalization features such as saved searches, results, and project folders, along with the traditional ability to search for books, articles, and other resources. Learn more about the changes, and test out the new platform.

The Library Services Platform: FOLIO 

The most essential of all technologies in a library, the LSP enables critical aspects of our services for researchers and learners: ordering materials, checking out books, placing holds on items, managing electronic resources and more. In academic libraries, these systems are large, complex, customized for each institution - and also costly because there are very few commercial providers globally. 

FOLIO is an open source tool being developed by an innovative collaboration of libraries, developers, and vendors. The modular design and extensibility of the platform allow libraries to choose components and workflows that they desire and not be forced to work with a bundled set of services. CU Boulder has actively supported this effort since 2017 when it became a member of the Open Libraries Environment. We became a FOLIO Community Partner Library and committed to utilizing the FOLIO LSP in 2021.

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