Book undergoing preservation treatmentThe Preservation unit supports the Library by providing preservation and conservation services to all Libraries’ collections including the general collection, special collections and archives. Some of the services Preservation provides are book repair, conservation assessments and treatments, preparation of newly acquired materials for shelving; bindery services including providing enclosures, and monographic and serial rebinds; and preparation of damaged or special materials for transfer to offsite storage.

In addition, Preservation evaluates the condition and treatment needs of individual collections and brittle or unbindable books. Preservation also establishes treatment plans for the collections based on current best practices.


Bindery Preparation

The Bindery Preparation unit is responsible for fulfilling the binding needs of all of the Libraries’ collections. We also provide archival quality enclosures for brittle or fragile materials. We do our best to provide thoughtful, cost-effective judgments regarding the handling of all of the collections through good preservation practices. 

Shelf Preparation

The Shelf Preparation unit prepares circulating and reference materials for shelving, circulation or transfer to our off-site storage facility, PASCAL. Most items receive a property stamp, a security device and a label with location and call number information. 


The Conservation unit provides intermediate and advanced conservation treatments for both circulating and non-circulating collections. Treatments include a wide range of repairs, archival enclosures of all types, conservation matting, board attachment, cloth rebacks, tissue mends and encapsulation of flat documents. 

Book Repair

The Book Repair unit provides quick and simple repairs for the general collections such as spine mends, tip-ins, hinge mends or pamphlet binding. 

Assessment and Processing

The Assessment and Processing unit reviews Special Collections and Archives materials for possible treatment prior to transfer offsite as well as providing enclosures, and performing preservation processing for materials transferring offsite.  


For all preservation related questions please contact the Preservation Manager, Lauren Stapleton, at


Download preservation resource links, an annotated list of online conservation and preservation resources for training and research.