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Thank You for a Great Western States Government Information Virtual Conference!

The Western States Government Information Virtual Conference is a free, biennial conference hosted by Government Information Librarians in the Western States and open to all. This year's theme was Accessing, Discovering, and Using Local Government Information. Although not all of the conference sessions were directly related to this topic, we hosted some great discussions about local government information! This year's conference was held on August 8-9, 2018. The slides, recordings, and handouts from these presentations are open to all and located below!

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Conference Slides & Recordings

Welcome Session & Keynote

Data Stewardship & the Decentralized Web

2018 FDLP Modernization Bill: Updates and Discussion

Gavin Baker, Assistant Director of the ALA Office of Government Relations will provide us with a brief history, overview, and update on H.R. 5305; also known as the 2018 FDLP Modernization Bill 2018.

Practical Considerations for New Preservation Stewards

Nearly two years after the first Preservation Steward Memorandum of Agreement was signed, it is time to check-in with some new Preservation Stewards to see how the program is working. What are some challenges, considerations, and opportunities for a library looking to join the Preservation Steward program? Join us for a moderated discussion between three new Preservation Stewards.

  • Speakers: 
    • Kate Tallman (Moderator), Head of the Government Information Library, University of Colorado-Boulder
    • Erik Beck, Digital Services Librarian, University of Colorado Law School
    • Susanne Caro, Government Information Librarian, North Dakota State University
    • Alicia Kubas, Government Publications and Regional Depository Librarian, University of Minnesota
  • Date & Time: Wednesday August 8, 3:00-4:00pm MDT/2:00-3:00 pm PM
  • Preservation Steward Slides
  • Presentation Recording

Basics for Newcomers: Navigating Government Information

Perhaps you are new to government information and uncertain where to begin your search for answers. We have all been there! This panel will feature FDLP coordinators sharing their experiences and tips for navigating government information. This session will inform participants about recommended tools, trainings, and communication channels that have helped new coordinators learn to navigate government information resources. It will feature a discussion of how new coordinators connect users to resources and what training materials they have found most useful. This panel may be particularly useful for new professionals entering the field or for users seeking to broaden their knowledge of government information resources.

  • Speakers:
    • Jen Kirk (Moderator/Panelist), Government Information Librarian, Utah State University
    • Hayley Johnson, Head of Government Documents & Microforms. Louisiana State University
    • Ashley S. Dees, Research & Instruction Librarian, University of Mississippi
  • Date & Time: Thursday August 9, 10:00-11:00am MDT/ 9:00-10:00am PDT
  • Basics for Newcomers Slides
  • Presentation Recording

Power Google Searching for State and Local Government Information

We all are expert Google searchers, or at least we think we are. This workshop will discuss some of the advanced search engine tricks that may not be so well-known. Many state and local government sites have a “front” server and a “back” server, often with mutually exclusive sets of documents. We will discuss how to discover these server domains and how to search them effectively. Not only will we look at domain searching, we will also look at filetype searching. These tricks are necessary because of the constraints Google places on access to materials. Emphasis and examples will be on state and local government sites within the western states

When Disaster Strikes: Will Your Library Be Ready?

Learn about disaster planning for your library and explore resources that may help when wildfires or other disasters are threatening your community

  • Speakers:
    • Samantha Hager, Librarian, Colorado State Publications Library
    • Amy Zimmer, Technical Services Librarian, Colorado State Publications Library
    • Kate Tallman, Head of the Government Information Library, University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Date  & Time: Thursday August 9, 1:30-2:30 pm MDT/12:30-1:30pm PDT
  • Disaster Planning Slides
  • Presentation Recording

Oregon Explorer: A Natural Resources Digital Library for Oregon and the West

Since it was launched in 2007, the Oregon Explorer  has been providing place-based access to data, mapping and reporting tools, and other archived information from public agencies, institutional repositories, and others to help local citizens, planners and policymakers make more informed decisions about Oregon’s natural resources and communities. The Oregon Explorer program is a collaboration between the Institute for Natural Resources and the Oregon State University Libraries and Press.  The presentation will include a demonstration of the site and tool


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