Government info stacksPage updated October 2015

Selective depositories in Colorado can discard series titles listed in the excel file below without following formal needs & offers procedures.

Stems and Serials Not Requiring Listing

As a result of a significant project to condense our federal documents collection on site, we’ve moved a large number of pieces to Pascal. In doing so, we’ve added hundreds of serial titles to the “Stems and Serials Not Requiring Listing” list. Since the list embedded in the CU web page was already quite long, and the new document is 86 pages, we’ve changed the access to this list.

You’ll note that we’ve created a separate column for the date each SuDoc/Title was added to the list. We know that many of you have already worked through the previous list and dealt with those stems and titles. So, you might find it helpful to sort the spreadsheet by the date the SuDoc/Title was added to the list. If you have any problems, find mistakes or have suggestions, please notify us.

Follow these directions before discarding volumes in these series:

  1. Check the holdings of other depositories interested in collecting this title by clicking the catalog link(s).Within the CU Boulder catalog records, click "View additional copies or search for a specific volume/copy" button under the item records, and make sure that its status (to the right of the call number) doesn’t say "LIB USE ONLY" or "MISSING" or "TRACE."
  2. CU Boulder would like replacement copies of worn or damaged volumes. Because damaged materials can't be represented in the catalog, they are listed here. Check to see if CU Boulder still needs a copy of the volume you wish to discard. If CU Boulder or another library needs the volume, send it to the interested library.
  3. If you've followed steps one and two and the volume is still not needed by another library, check the "Years You Can Discard" column. If the volume is included here, feel free to discard your copy.


Although many of these titles have electronic editions (click on links in the "Title" column), you should make sure these will work for your patrons before discarding. You’re not required to discard these titles; this list is meant as a resource for quicker discarding of select series.