Nell's Topographical Map of the State of Colorado, 1889, a multicolored map of the state of Coloradoshowing topographical details as well as political information such as county borders Our collection of Colorado historical maps covers the time period from the origins of the Territory of Colorado through the early twentieth century. These maps reveal the growth of communities around Colorado, with a focus on the city of Boulder and other towns in Boulder County. Thematic maps showing early resource extraction, agriculture, irrigation systems, transportation, homesteading patterns, and tourism add to the story of the state’s development. A highlight of this collection is a series of most of Louis Nell’s maps of the state of Colorado, from 1880-1907, which offer a changing portrait of the state in exceptional detail.

Some of these maps are available in the Colorado Historical Maps digital collection. If you are searching for more coverage, please contact the Map Collection at 303-492-7578 or email to schedule an appointment.

Historical maps do not circulate and may not be photocopied. Digital photos are permitted.