Sun setting on Norlin Library exterior These resources are designed to serve the Government Publications communities of Colorado. Suggestions for relevant content and any corrections should be sent to Head of the Government Information Library Kate Tallman

Needs & Offers Instructions

Needs & Offers instructions, GoPIG meeting minutes, schedules, and all resources related to selective depository operations have moved to our new website. Please use this URL from now on.

Colorado State Plan


Government Publications Interest Group (GoPIG)

GoPIG is a group of government publications librarians and other interested parties organized to provide a local pool of knowledge and experience for other librarians, as well as a general lifesaver for those of us forced to swim the waters of government documents. Membership is open to all interested parties. Please feel free to join us at any of the upcoming meetings. Information about our meetings is posted to our website

GoPIG Website

The GoPIG schedule, updates, meeting minutes, Needs and Offers procedures, Cogopub_l listeserv information, and depository resources are now available at our new GoPIG website.