The Preservation and Collection Care Section provides preservation and conservation services for University Libraries' physical collections. We do our best to provide thoughtful, cost-effective judgments regarding the handling of all collections through good preservation practices.

Our work

  • Bindery Preparation: binding, archival quality enclosures for brittle or fragile materials. 
  • Book repair: quick and simple repairs for the general collections such as spine mends, tip-ins, hinge mends or pamphlet binding.
  • Conservation for items from both the general collections and from Rare and Distinctive collections. Treatments include a wide range of intermediate and advanced repairs, archival enclosures of all types, conservation matting, board attachment, cloth rebacks, tissue mends and encapsulation of flat documents.
  • Preparation for shelving, circulation or transfer to our off-site storage facility, PASCAL, including treatment, enclosures and processing.


For assistance with preservation of personally held items, the American Institute for Conservation maintains a helpful guide on Caring for Your Treasures, as well as a database of contact information for conservation professionals in private practice.  

For questions related to preservation of University Libraries' collections, please contact Megan Lambert, at