The Materials Collection is a growing collection of a wide-selection of samples of interesting materials. The materials range from the frequently used, like concrete and types of wood, to the high-tech, such as geosynthetics. The collection is centered on sustainable, innovative materials used in construction, architecture and design. It is curated to provide tactile information, allowing design, engineering and applied science students to explore materials used in construction and the built environment.

Use the Collection

Samples from the collection can be used in the library during open hours or checked out for up to 7 days. For more information about finding samples, materials properties, and more, review this guide.

The collection is also a resource to classes and studios to engage students by supporting active learning. Teaching a class? Email to ask about checking out a box of samples for the semester. You can check out a box by classification number, or curate a box in collaboration with a librarian.

Accessing spaces and materials
On January 7, 2022, Gemmill Library experienced significant water damage. Ask at the service desk for assistance with accessing items in restricted areas or contact to report missing books or materials.