As part of the 100-year anniversary celebration of the CU Boulder Archives in 2018, we completed a project to bring you 100 Stories for 100 Years from the Archives. The year-long celebration emphasized increased community inclusion, process transparency and accessibility.  We want to emphasize that we have only touched the surface of the treasures found in the CU Boulder Archives and we hope you enjoy the stories.

Coal miners in Axial, Colorado circa 1920s

Colorado Coal Miners, circa 1920

March 2, 2018

This image is No. 16 of 20 in a bound book of photographs from the two-million-ton-a-year coal mining facility in Axial, CO owned by the Axial Basin Development Company. We do not know the date of the photographs or the book, but it is suspected to be from the late...

Norlin Library circa 1937

The Original Norlin Library, 1940

March 1, 2018

In 1937, the state legislature passed the first academic building mill levy since 1917. President Norlin chose a new library building as the first item on the list. In 1938, Ralph Ellsworth began planning his first library building with notable campus architect Charles Klauder. The new library was to be...

The 1904 library building that became the CU Theater.

The 1904 CU Boulder Library Building

Feb. 28, 2018

Originally one room in Old Main, the 1877 Buckingham Library at CU was the start of our information services. Pictured here is the freshly finished interior of the 1904 library building that we now know as the University of Colorado Theater. This 1904 image and other the turn of the...

100 Stories for 100 Years Archives logo

CU Boulder Archives kicks off 100 Stories for 100 Years

Feb. 27, 2018

In 2018 the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries will celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Archives. Join us over the next 100 days as we share 100 stories from the Archives! In 1903, Dr. F.L. Paxson, of the University of Colorado History Department, reported on "The Public Archives of Colorado"...

A librarian looks through a box of archival papers

Preparing for the Centennial Celebration of our Archives

April 13, 2017

Special Collections and Archives at the University Libraries is gearing up for the Archives' 100 year anniversary in 2018! Professor James F. Willard began to collect archival material toward the end of World War I that eventually became the CU Boulder Western History Collections. Over the years, the Archives has...