The Student Libraries Advisory Board is a body of students, working together with Libraries staff, that offers strategic advice to the University Libraries on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Services and resources
  • Spaces
  • Collections (books, journals, databases and more)
  • Student success


We have a short application process and we're currently accepting applications. Please apply now!


Our mission is to create and sustain open, two-way, communication between the University Libraries and the student population. We provide students with a voice in library decisions including changes or improvements to services and policies.

Our vision is that the Student Library Advisory Board will expand student opportunities to influence programming initiatives, collections, spaces, and, in general, effect change in the Libraries.


We will work collaboratively on projects over the course of a semester. These projects are intended to give our student members a chance to gain useful skills and resume-building experience. Our members will select projects they wish to complete in collaboration with Libraries’ staff.

The projects are designed to promote awareness of the Libraries; improve Libraries’ services, resources, or collections; foster meaningful connections with the Libraries and students; or otherwise improve students’ academic success.


Our student members will form project committees and select a project leader to provide updates on the status of their projects to the Libraries staff.


The Board will meet three times a semester. Meetings will be divided into two parts. The first part will be a discussion of library-related topics and a chance to provide feedback to the University Libraries. The University Libraries staff will update the our members on relevant libraries news.

In the second part of the meeting, our board will provide updates on projects, and the Libraries staff can advise and work with the board on their projects.