What is SLAB?

The Student Libraries Advisory Board (SLAB) acts as a liaison between CU Boulder students and the University Libraries faculty and staff. Members of SLAB offer strategic advice to Libraries staff on topics such as: 

  • Services and resources

  • Spaces

  • Collections (books, journals, databases, and more!)

  • Student success

What does SLAB do? 

Each academic year, SLAB officers will be elected to lead members of the advisory board,  to assemble feedback for the Libraries and complete an interdisciplinary research or creative project. Together, SLAB members determine the nature and scope of their project. 

These projects are designed to promote awareness of the Libraries; improve Libraries’ services, resources, or collections, foster meaningful connections with the Libraries and students; or otherwise improve students’ academic success.

What are the benefits of SLAB?

  • Learn more about the University Libraries and academic libraries as a whole

  • Help students meet new people with similar interest in libraries

  • Build real-world skills that will benefit students after graduation

  • Prepare students for potential careers in library science or related fields

Why do we have SLAB?

The Libraries aim to create and sustain open, two-way, communication between the Libraries and the student population. SLAB is one way we empower students to share their perspectives on library decisions including changes or improvements to services and policies. 

Our vision is for SLAB to expand student opportunities and influence programming initiatives, collections, spaces, and in general, effect change in the Libraries while continuing to develop lifelong learning skills (ex. critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration) and gain resume-building experience. 

When does SLAB meet?

SLAB meets up to a couple of times a month throughout the semester. For the first part of the meeting, there will be a discussion of library-related topics and a chance to provide feedback to Libraries staff, and Libraries staff will provide relevant Libraries news and updates to the Board. 

The second part of the meeting gives SLAB members the opportunity to provide updates on their contributions to projects and Libraries staff can advise and work with the Board on said projects. 

I’m interested! How do I apply?

We are currently accepting applications. Our application process is short!

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