The University Libraries invites partnerships related to learning initiatives and exhibits. CU affiliates (faculty, staff, students) and campus partners may request use of library public spaces in alignment with the mission of the University Libraries. The partnering group or individual must have a Libraries employee represent them to the Libraries. The Libraries employee will need to follow internal procedures to reserve a space. 

This policy applies only to public spaces, which are areas that are generally open to the public at all times. Please see our policies page for information on classrooms, study rooms, etc. Visit the Center for British and Irish Studies for information about the CBIS Room (Norlin M549).

General Parameters

  • Requests will be fulfilled based on space availability and in coordination with building activities. We may accept programming on a very limited basis during busy times in the academic calendar.  
  • Regularly scheduled meetings or activities will not be permitted.
  • The Libraries maintain the right to decline or cancel reservations at any time.
  • Programming involving children and minors must follow Risk Management guidelines:
  • Preference will be given to activities that do not interfere with CU students’ ability to study in the Libraries.
  • For events that will have food or require catering, additional coordination is required. All events with alcohol require the event to follow campus rules.
  • Some spaces/events may incur a use/cleaning fee.


  • Faculty, staff, students, and community members collaborating with University Libraries may request use of these spaces. Programming is developed in close consultation with the University Libraries in accordance with our strategic vision, mission, and values.


  • Requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance.
  • Reservations may be scheduled only 30 minutes after opening and must end at least 30 minutes before the building closes. Early entry for setup is not permitted.
  • Responses are normally provided within one week.

Last updated March 2022