CU Boulder Journal Hosting Application


Any individual faculty, staff, student*, or unit associated with the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) may apply to publish with the University Libraries. This includes, but is not limited to, journals or other similar types of publications (e.g., conference proceedings) formally sponsored and/or run by CU Boulder faculty, staff, students, or units as well as publications with which individual CU Boulder faculty, staff, or students have a formal relationship (e.g., serve on the editorial board) at the time of application. Publications run by nonprofit scholarly associations or other similar groups without direct CU Boulder affiliation will also be considered on a case by case basis in consultation with the University Libraries Dean. All content published must be openly available to view and read, at a minimum.

*Student-run publications must have CU Boulder faculty or department sponsorship.

Publishing Services Offered

CU Boulder Libraries will support the production and dissemination of accepted publications by providing access to publishing platforms that have both editorial features as well as public display options. CU Boulder Libraries will not assist in the management of the publication (e.g., finding editorial staff, enlisting reviewers, marketing the publication, etc.).

Services included for all publications (if applicable):

  • Hosting and consultation on the development of the public-facing site that displays and provides access to the contents of the publication

  • Access to and training on software systems to manage the editorial, peer-review, and other publishing processes

  • Intellectual property rights consultation

  • Consultation on migration of existing content

  • Creation and management of standard identifiers (e.g., ISSN, DOIs, etc.)

  • Assistance with applying to DOAJ and other indices

  • Usage statistics reporting for editor(s) and contributors

  • Preservation of digital publications

  • Search engine optimization

  • Author/editor technical support

Content Types Supported

CU Boulder Libraries will provide support for journals, conference proceedings, and other similar types of scholarly publications that reflect the intellectual environment and academic mission of the University of Colorado Boulder.

Access and Copyright/Licensing

All content published by CU Boulder Libraries must be openly available to view and read, at a minimum. Further reuse rights (e.g., via Creative Commons licences) are encouraged. The copyright of individual works remains with the original creator(s). For uses beyond those covered by law or the license attached to individual works, permission to reuse should be sought directly from the copyright owner listed on the websites for the individual publications.

Application Process

Eligible applicants should provide the following information about their publication when applying for hosting by CU Boulder Libraries:

  • Title of publication

  • Type of publication (e.g., journal, conference proceeding, etc.)

  • Content types included in your publication (i.e., text, images, audio, video, etc.)

  • Source of funding (if any)

  • Formally affiliated society/organization (if any)

  • Scope or area of focus

  • Expected publication schedule/frequency

  • Potential audience and impact

  • Current state (e.g., new content, existing content in need of migration)

  • If migrating existing content:

    • Link to existing content

    • Current publisher and copyright holder(s) of existing content

  • Who will be the primary author(s) of the content?

  • Who will be responsible for editorial management and control (e.g., peer review management, content recruitment and selection, editorial decision making, etc.)?

  • What, if any, relationship does the publication have with CU Boulder faculty, staff, students, or units?

Applications will be reviewed within the Libraries by members of the Data Services and Scholarly Communication unit. Proposals will be reviewed on the following factors:

Quality & variety

The Libraries selects proposals representative of the excellent and diverse scholarship the University produces.

Community value & support

The Libraries looks for proposals that align with the University’s strategic goals, offer unique value to a field or discipline, and offer value to the wider community.

Capacity & complexity

The Libraries evaluates our ability to support each proposed publication based on the complexity of the project, our available capacity, and current funding available for journal hosting.

Migration or Sunsetting of Publishing Services

Should the CU Boulder Libraries move to another platform or service model, current journals will be notified and offered the opportunity to migrate to the new platform at least six months prior to actual migration. Should the CU Boulder Libraries discontinue its publishing services altogether, current journals will be given advance notice of at least six months. These journals will also have the option to archive as much of their content as possible in the CU Scholar institutional repository.

Application Form: CU Boulder Journal Hosting