If you wish to film in the University Libraries, advance permission is required. 

The Libraries maintains the right to comply with all relevant Campus and University requirements and to invoke conditions of the Campus filming policy: “The University of Colorado Boulder Motion Picture, Video, and Photography Guidelines,” Office of Media Relations and News Services (303-492-3140).

On this page:

Requesting permission

Commercial/external film projects

Any commercial filming (including still photographers and video production companies photographing/taping for television news shows, cable shows, commercials, and documentaries) must be approved by the CU Boulder Office of Media Relations and News Services (303-492-3140).

*3rd Party Insurance Requirements:

A Certificate of Insurance naming The Regents of the University of Colorado, a Body Corporate, 1800 Grant St., Denver, CO 80203, as additional insured for the day(s) of filming, load-in and strike, must be presented to Norlin Library at least 10 working days prior to filming and/or load-in. The company shall carry sufficient insurance to cover any and all liabilities that may occur during its use of University property. Insurance coverage approved by the Office of Risk Management, urmucbdirs@cu.edu.

Coverage must be as follows:

  • $1,000,000. (one million dollars) for general liability, including property damage;
  • $1,000,000. (one million dollars) automobile liability, including hired and non-owned vehicles;
  • Statutory limits/worker’s compensation; $1,000,000. (one million dollars) employee liability.

Certificate Holder:
The Regents of the University of Colorado, a Body Corporate
1800 Grant St., Ste 700
Denver, CO 80203

CU Boulder student film projects

CU Boulder students filming in the Libraries for a class assignment must request permission from Carolyn Moreau at least three days before you wish to begin. If you don’t receive a reply after 24 hours, contact Chris Yago.

  • Please do not commence filming in the Libraries until you have been granted permission as noted above by Libraries staff.
  • Upon arrival at Norlin Library, check-in at the Libraries Security office, Norlin M298 (near west entrance), 303-492-5527. In branch libraries, you’re responsible for determining with whom you’re expected to check-in upon arrival.
  • The University Libraries encourages student use of its spaces for filming, however, its locations are not movie sets and filming may not interfere with normal Libraries business. Libraries personnel maintain the right to ask a filming individual/crew to pause, move or stop if they feel that the activity is an interference.
  • Refrain from filming people without their awareness or permission. You must also comply with University photo release requirements when people are included.
  • Appropriate working, research, learning and study conditions must be steadfastly and respectfully maintained for employees and users at all times. Film crews must abide by all University and Libraries policies and regulations and must leave Libraries premises exactly as found.
  • We may require the presence of Libraries security or other personnel during filming, and this may be at your own cost.
  • The Libraries may not be held liable for crew or participant safety or for any damage or loss of equipment, materials, supplies, etc. Any activities that may be potentially hazardous or pose a heightened safety risk require approval from University Risk Management.

Expectations and requirements for filming

Filming is restricted to:

  • Public areas within the Libraries.
  • Hours when the particular area is open to the public. All filming must be completed and equipment removed from the building at least 30 minutes prior to the posted closing time.

The following are explicitly prohibited:

  • No blocking or impeding traffic flow anywhere in the Libraries.
  • No blocking any facilities, such as elevators, stairs, restrooms, etc.
  • No changes to library facilities or furnishings (for example, changes to light fixtures, location of furniture, moving of books or shelving).
  • No filming people without their awareness or permission.

Film crews are required to:

  • Request copyright permission for the filming of any copyrighted material, including Libraries-produced posters, flyers, exhibits, displays, etc.
  • If applicable, know the policies and secure permission for parking. Parking permits can be obtained by contacting Parking and Transportation Services at 303-492-7384.
  • Leave Libraries premises exactly as encountered.

Please email Carolyn Moreau with questions.

Last updated: July 2022