Borrowing privileges are determined according to the University Libraries Circulation Policy, and vary depending on campus affiliation and borrower type (definitions and registration information by borrower type).

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Fees and fines

There are no fines for most materials.  For all University Libraries materials, a late fee will be assessed at thirty days.

Overdue fines are assessed on certain high-use items, equipment, study rooms, and materials. Daily fines are assessed on days that the library is open. This includes most weekends, spring and winter breaks, and intersession. Hourly fines are assessed during the time when the library is open. Materials are not fined for the hours that the library is closed, such as overnight.

Courtesy notices are sent out before items are due, alerting you to the fact that your books will be due soon. Email is the official mode of communication for the Boulder campus. Courtesy notices are sent only to those patrons who have provided us with an email address. Failure to receive a notice doesn’t waive liability for fines.

All billed items will also be assessed a non-negotiable, non-refundable $10.00 per item late fee. If you are billed for an item and later return it, the lost fee will be removed but any late fees will remain. We’ll send you notices reminding you to renew or return your books before a bill is generated. 

Prospector and ILLiad items and items that check-out for less than 28 days are billed at 28 days overdue.  All other items are billed at 30 days overdue.

Paying fees and fines

Methods of payment accepted for fees and fines include checks, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.  No cash, please.

  • In person: Drop off your payment at the East Service Desk in Norlin Library. A payment drop box is located behind the East Desk for payments by check (no cash please). 

  • Online: Invoices include information about online payment, or you may contact us at

  • By mail: Please include the upper portion of the invoice.  Payment information is located on the back of the invoice.  Make checks payable to “University of Colorado.”  Include your student or library account ID number on your check.  Mail payments to:

University of Colorado at Boulder

Norlin Library Services

Patron Accounts Office

184 UCB, 1720 Pleasant Street

Boulder, Colorado 80309-0184

A $20 fee will be assessed for returned checks.  

Appealing fines

If you would like to appeal a fine, please email us at and we can share further information about your options. 

Fees and fines schedule

For all University Libraries materials, a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed at thirty days. A processing fee of $25.00 will be assessed for lost items except for 3D tech peripherals.

University Libraries Materials - Fee Schedule
Material type Lost fee
3D tech peripherals, Audio cassettes, Books,
CDs, DVDs, Government documents, Journals,
LPs, Maps, Scores, Standards
Circulating reference materials, MELL materials,
Microfiche, Microfilm, Reserves, VHS

If the borrower does not provide an acceptable replacement copy, total amount due is the lost fee plus processing and late fees. If the borrower provides an acceptable replacement copy, the total amount due is processing fee plus the late fee.

Damaged University Libraries Items - Fee Schedule
Item condition Fee
Moderate damage $25
Severe damage Replacement required
Missing or damaged containers $25
Other Libraries' Materials - Fee Schedule
  Lost Fee
ILL Borrowing Damage Varies, set by lending library
ILL Borrowing Lost $400
ILL Lending Damage $50
ILL Lending Lost $200
MOBIUS Damage $50
MOBIUS Lost $120
Prospector Damage $50
Prospector Lost $100

Revocation of privileges

Circulation privileges will be revoked for anyone who has any of the following:

  • One or more billed items
  • One or more items that are overdue by 30 days
  • One or more overdue items that have been requested by another borrower
  • Library fines totaling $50.00 or more. 

Charges for items assumed lost and/or overdue fines will be referred to a collection agency as required by Colorado State Law, if unpaid 30 days after the bill due date.

Return of the item(s) and/or paying charges will reinstate library privileges.

Other circulation policies

Last updated September 2022