Published: Feb. 26, 2024

Norlin Library has completely reopened Monday, Feb. 26, after the Feb. 9 fire that shut down portions of the building. Most fire remediation efforts have been completed.

“Fortunately there was minimal damage to the collection since the fire was put out quickly,” said Megan Lambert, head of the University Libraries Preservation & Collection Care Section. “Materials closest to the source of the fire had ash and soot. From our initial assessment, very few, if any, materials will need to be replaced.”

The University Libraries worked with SERVPRO, a restoration service company, to clean up and mitigate most of the damage including removing soot off the surface of books using HEPA filtered vacuums and vulcanized rubber sponges that pick up particulates. An industrial hygienist and experts in environmental health and safety tested the air quality in Norlin and found it safe. Boulder Fire-Rescue is still investigating the cause of the fire.