Published: April 21, 2023

wifi hotspotA limited number of wireless hotspots are available from the University Libraries and can be checked out over the summer for educational purposes including research use.

The hotspots will allow the user to connect to the internet anywhere on the North American T-Mobile 5G and 4G networks, which includes most of the continental U.S. and Hawaii and parts of Alaska, Mexico and Canada. 

The hotspots can be checked out by current students, faculty and staff. The hotspots are particularly useful for researchers doing fieldwork and students, faculty and staff who are traveling without access to Wi-Fi and need to stay connected for school or work projects. 

Hotspots can be checked out to your library account for the summer with the possibility of renewal. Borrowers are responsible for the hotspot and any lost or damaged units may result in fines. Tech support for hotspots is offered by Campus OIT. As a condition of enrollment in this program, participants must complete a short survey about their hotspot use. Apply for a hotspot.