Published: Oct. 25, 2022

The University Libraries are commemorating Native American Heritage Month with our research guide on Indigenous Research & Knowledges in North America. Our research guide is intended to provide an overview of indigenous knowledge and starting points for exploring these knowledges by geography, format of materials, or theme. This guide is a continual work in progress as new information, community needs and our own understandings of these issues evolve.

Enacted into law in 1990, Native American Heritage Month recognizes that “in traditional native knowledge systems there is respect and trust for inherited wisdom, often communicated through an oral tradition, and for knowledge that has proved its utility in everyday practices. There is respect for stories that connect the particulars of knowledge to holistic worldviews, values, and life ways.”

While November is dedicated to celebrating Indigenous peoples, we encourage you to continue to learn throughout the year.

In addition, the University of Colorado recently updated our land acknowledgement.