Published: Sept. 14, 2021

Research with data and technologies are rapidly outpacing the creation of law and ethics to guide it. Get ahead of the Matrix with “Data, Tech, and Law” — a new series of workshops from the Center for Data & Digital Scholarship (CRDDS).

The CRDDS “Data, Tech, and Law” series will provide overviews and in-depth discussions to inform researchers on topics like blockchain technology, social media usage, bias in computing systems and more through developing case law, legislation and ethics lenses.

Jordan Wrigley, data librarian with the University Libraries says that attending all events in the workshop series will leave attendees with a well-rounded understanding of the ethical and regulatory trends around research data.

“The goals are for researchers to know where the potential cutting-edge solutions and ethical pitfalls are and avoid causing harm through research data,” Wrigley said. “The series will also be valuable for those wanting to learn more about how THEIR data as un-informed participants is being used in research and their rights as data owners.”

Over the Fall 2021 semester, CRDDS will offer six workshops. See the schedule below.

This series is a collaboration between CU Boulder Libraries data professionals and William A. Wise Law librarians, and will feature guest speakers from the law and data fields.