Published: May 25, 2021

The United States government has released a report detailing all of the UFO information they've acquired over the years. Some of that information has been accessible to the public before this report. As a part of the federal depository library program, our collections contain reports from Roswell about the alleged UFO incident, but even more importantly, we have expert librarians who can help you navigate the information that the goverment publishes so you can do your own UFO research.

UFOs: What we have

Condon Collection (University of Colorado UFO Project)

Edward U. Condon (1902-1974) was a physics professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. He directed the Condon Committee from 1966 to 1968, a group commissioned by the US Air Force to study UFOs.

U.S. has no explanation for unidentified objects and stops short of ruling out aliens

A new government report is likely to fuel theories about unexplained aerial phenomena, or UFOs. Get access to this article and the latest news (UFO or otherwise) with our New York Times subscription.

FBI Records Vault: UFOs

In 1947, a rash of sightings of unexplained flying objects (UFOs) swept America. This release details the FBI’s role in investigating such reports between 1947 and 1954.

Statement by the Department of Defense on the Release of Historical Navy Videos

The Department of Defense has released videos of aerial phenomena categorized as "unidentified." Read their statement and get access to the videos!

UFO Research Experts

Kate Tallman

Kate Tallman

Assistant Professor • Head, Government Information • Lead, Research Services Section • Interim Co-Lead, Rare & Distinctive Collections Team
Success and Engagement Strategies • Rare and Distinctive Collections
Kate Tallman is the Regional Federal Depository Coordinator and subject specialist for Government Information and International Affairs.
Allan Van Hoye

Allan Van Hoye

Teaching Assistant Professor • Government Information and Civic Literacy Librarian
Success and Engagement Strategies • Rare and Distinctive Collections

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UFO Research Guide

Information about government agencies associated with UFOs and tips for UFO research.