Published: Feb. 8, 2021

As we welcome you back to campus and continue to Protect Our Herd, we continue to miss seeing you roam the stacks, gathering around tables and finding research solutions with you at the Ask a Librarian Desk. We also miss finding the notes, drawings and curiosities you leave behind on classroom whiteboards and in group gathering spaces. 

screen shot of librarians holding welcome back signs

To help fill the void, we invite you to join us in the following collective online space where together, we Library Buffs can capture, read and engage with one another’s voices and experiences. 

Consider contributing thoughts to our virtual graffiti board: What did you feel, notice and wonder as you returned to CU Boulder for Spring 2021? What is capturing your attention, thoughts and energy at this moment? How would you convey that sensation in words, audio, image, animation or any other expressions? Please share your response whether it is serious, silly or somewhere in between. We welcome you to sign your contributions or leave them anonymous.

Not sure what to share? Watch a short video to learn how to contribute to our graffiti board!

We also hope you’ll balance the many demands on your time with enjoyment and self-care. Maintaining perspective and finding practices that work for you are great first steps. We’ve compiled some resources and strategies for stressing less just for you! Take some time to consider these strategies. 

We wish you the best. Remember, we’re here to help you along the way.