Public and technical services

Published: Jan. 3, 2021

When we think of librarians, we think of the people ready to answer your reference questions, visit and instruct your classes, help you locate source material and curate the collections you rely on. 

“What I do is mostly considered public services,” said Art and Architecture Librarian Alex Watkins.

In order to use the libraries effectively, Watkins relies on catalogers like Chris Long, whose work has a huge impact on how all of us use the libraries. Catalogers are the behind the scenes librarians who work to make books and resources easier to find using search tools.

“You might say, we sort of unearth the resources," said Resources Description Services team lead.

On this episode of CU at the Libraries, Alex and Chris talk about the effort that goes into the partnership between subject librarians and catalogers. They’ll debunk stereotypes and dive into topics like, why it’s so hard to make changes to classification systems, a hot button issue in the world of library science.