Published: Oct. 26, 2020

The 2020 election is just one short week away. Maybe you've already handed in your ballot or maybe you’re still thinking through a few key issues for you. Wherever you are in your voting process, this guide is equally meant for the political junkie, the undecided voter and everyone in-between. 

We chose to highlight a range of multimedia that cover national, state and local elections, as well as important topics that have political implications like technology, COVID-19 and healthcare, the economy, the Supreme Court, race relations and climate change. 

The following resources were selected in consultation with subject specialists throughout the University Libraries, the results of a recent Pew Research survey which highlights some of the key issues important to voters this year and the Interactive Media Bias Chart. The University Libraries encourage you to seek out resources from this guide or elsewhere that are verifiable and that pique your curiosity. 

After you check out these or other recommendations, go back to the 2020 Legislative Blue Book to reexamine ballot issues and visit CU Boulder’s “Your Vote Counts” page for additional voter information. 

We support your right to participate in the future of our democracy.