Published: Aug. 19, 2020

The University of Colorado Boulder Libraries are delighted to participate in CU Boulder Where You Are: An Online Series Highlighting Teaching, Research and Innovation, a summer outreach series led virtually by Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano. 

Each week, viewers hear and participate in engaging discussions with campus faculty covering an array of academic disciplines. Following these discussions, CU Boulder library subject specialists and archivists share additional multimedia works to support our communities’ educational journey.


On the final episode of this summer's virtual show, 'The Women Who Run With Ralphie,' CU Athletic Director Rick George and Ralphie Live Mascot Program Manager Taylor Stratton discuss the care of CU Boulder mascot Ralphie, the professional development opportunities the Ralphie handler program creates for women and more. To supplement the conversation, Head of Archives Megan Friedel offers media recommendations on the history of CU Boulder's mascot program, women in leadership and information about the North American bison in general. 

Learn more about the history of the Ralphie Live Mascot Program, which highlights how in the 1960s, CU Boulder's Sophomore Class Officers ran with Ralphie on the field and the transition to having trained individuals with large animal experience take over the tradition. The histories of Ralphies I-V (1966-2019) are equally as interesting and emphasize the care the handlers take to ensure the well-being of Ralphie. 

Then read about the past and future of the North American bison with the 2002 book American Bison: A Natural History by behavioral ecologist Dale F. Lott. The author explains how the bison population has declined in Montana's National Bison Range over the years, as well as its relationships, diet, habitat and predators. 

“These recommendations are a fun way to connect with our mascot's history from Ralphie I all the way through Ralphie V, and a great way to learn about the history of the North American bison" said Friedel.

Ralphie archival image

Archival collection photograph of Ralphie. (Image/University Libraries Archives)


Keep up with the latest on CU Football and the athletic department's focus on cultivating the whole athlete by listening to The Ralphie Report, a podcast from SB Nation for the true Colorado Buffaloes fan.

The BuffsTV channel has an archive of videos about Ralphie I, a feature on Ralphie's new trailer and more. 

Megan also recommends the award-winning memoir Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward by Valerie Jarrett. The memoir covers Jarrett’s life path to becoming President Barack Obama’s senior adviser and emphasizes the importance of women – especially women of color – in leadership roles at both the community and national level.

The University Libraries Archives holds photo collections on Ralphie that are available to view by request. For more information about submitting archival research requests, email and visit the libraries’ website for the latest on COVID-19 Information for Libraries Services.

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