Published: April 20, 2020

The spring semester is coming to a close, which means that finals season is upon us. As always, your librarians wish you the very best of luck and hope you’ll take care of yourself as the semester concludes. With that in mind, we’d like to draw your attention to a few offerings, both fun-filled and academic, from the University Libraries.

Catch up with your librarians

We miss you! At the end of past semesters, we’ve been delighted to offer you tea, and to visit with you and our friendly bark buddies. Instead of these usual gatherings, we invite you to meet our furry friends and join us for a favorite cup of tea on the Libraries’ Instagram.  

Linda Bagley with tea mug.

Music Cataloging Specialist Linda Bagley recommends students try caffeinated tea to power through afternoons.

Ask a librarian chat

Have a last-minute question about a resource? Need help finding something? Use your computer or mobile device to Ask a Librarian and receive an immediate answer during business hours.

Request a research consultation

Would meeting with your librarian for in-depth coaching make it easier to wrap up that research assignment? Schedule a research consultation for a day and time when you are available to meet virtually with a librarian. 

Button in a teacup

Button is Map Library Cataloging Manager Naomi Heiser's family guinea pig. Button loves to eat greens and graze in the backyard but is not loving this teacup!

Explore research strategies

Need a few tips or strategies to get started on your research? Browse through the research strategies guides or Ask a Librarian

Find subject-specific guidance

Looking for subject or discipline-specific research tools? Investigate the resources that subject librarians have curated just for you on tailor-made subject guides

Kate Wright

This is Business Library Outreach and Student Success Coordinator Kate Wright's cat Link! Wright says Link loves getting back scratchies, playing fetch with her favorite stuffed parrot and, of course, sleeping. "My favorite thing about Link is that she is basically my own therapy cat," Wright said. "Whenever I am sick or upset, she always snuggles up close to me until I'm feeling better."

Locate new electronic resources

Searching for content that is available online? The Libraries are licensing as much digital content as possible to meet your needs. See the Off-Campus Access page for more information. 

Keep perspective 

Remember to take breaks and reward yourself! 

Director of Arts & Humanities Jenniver Knievel

Director of Arts & Humanities Jennifer Knievel's cat Yeowma loves that her "mom" is working from home!

Consider contributing to our “Libraries Community Questions of the Day.” We miss connecting with you in person and hearing your perspectives! Join our virtual space for daily community questions during the week of April 27, 2020. Each weekday we’ll add new questions. You’ll have the chance to suggest and vote on the Libraries’ mascot and much more! 

Take a break with the Libraries’ new streaming service, Swank Digital Campus, featuring films, documentaries, independent productions and TV shows. Or explore some irresistible live web-cams.

tea with mug

The unofficial rules of comfort beverages of the Libraries include, but are not limited to, having a sturdy mug and a go-to brand of tea or coffee.

For the puzzle-fans and game-lovers among you, put the pieces of Norlin back together, play a round of Sudoku, go retro or craft a Mandala for a change of pace.

The Libraries wish you good luck on your finals! We celebrate all your hard work this semester!

 The Teaching and Learning Unit