Published: Feb. 5, 2020

The University Libraries are proud to offer a new space for personal contemplation, prayer or meditation. With your valid Buff OneCard, the Mindfulness Room (E103A) on the first floor of Norlin Library provides a place to reflect between classes. 

Student sits in the Mindfulness Room.

In 2018, Dean of Libraries Robert McDonald met with a member of the CU Student Government Department of Diversity and Inclusion to discuss the need for a mindfulness space in the Libraries. Having seen models for similar spaces in existence on other university campuses, the Libraries took action. 

“The concept of mindfulness is one I practice in my leadership,” McDonald said. “I have the desire to continue to make Norlin an inclusive and welcoming space for all in our community.”

Warm lighting and minimal furniture contribute to the room’s calm ambiance. There are several chairs, meditation cushions and prayer rugs available for use. The Mindfulness Room is designed to accommodate people of many faiths and beliefs. The Libraries’ intention is for the space to be a blank canvas for users to make their own. 

“We were aiming for as much of a ‘blank slate’ as we could,” Carl Stewart, the Libraries Building Manager said. “I think a blank slate offers itself for anyone or everyone to fill in. Inclusivity is demonstrated by the room’s availability to everyone in the University of Colorado Boulder community.” 

For the University Libraries, access also comes in the form of words. That is why Megan Welsh, Interdisciplinary Arts & Humanities Librarian with the Libraries assembled a collection of over 30 books that will soon be available for browsing. These titles include books that student leaders, campus religious groups and others recommended. 

“Some people find comfort and inspiration in poetry and quotes, others find this through science, religion or meditation,” Welsh said. “There are books in this collection that reflect all of these topics, allowing visitors to the Mindfulness Room to explore their curiosities or calm their minds.”

The Mindfulness Room near the East entrance is open to students, faculty, and staff with a valid Buff OneCard. Just tap the card on the face of the keypad. No reservation is needed. 

Enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet at the Libraries.