Published: Dec. 12, 2019
Amanda Rybin-Koob in the Literature stacks

The University Libraries has a new Literature and Humanities Librarian! Please join us in welcoming Amanda Rybin Koob to the University of Colorado Boulder and the Libraries. 

Rybin Koob grew up in Colorado. After completing undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Denver, she took her library science degree, along with her background in art history and English, to the University of Chicago. 

“I worked in a very specialized type of library,” Rybin Koob said of the Visual Resources Center in UChicago’s art history department. “It’s a huge digital library full of images of art.” 

After a handful of years in Chicago, Rybin Koob decided to go back to school, this time to pursue her Masters of Fine Arts in poetry. At the University of Michigan, she taught creative writing and composition courses while writing and completing the program. 

In 2017, Rybin Koob returned to Colorado and became director of Naropa University’s Library and Archives where she said she was able to try a bit of everything. This month, she began working at the University Libraries. 

“It’s super exciting to have such a huge collection to work with,” she said. “The priority is to update it with some more contemporary literature and poetry from voices who maybe haven’t been central in terms of developing the collections in the past.”

Rybin Koob said that she doesn’t have a favorite book, as her answer to that question is constantly shifting. She does, however, have a favorite library book. 

“The first library book I remember being really important to me was a novelization of the musical ‘Annie,’ which I checked out from the adult fiction section when I was probably 10,” she said. “It was very exciting to me because it was the longest book I had ever checked out from the library. It felt very grown-up because it was based on this movie that I loved. I don’t know how many times I read it but I would check it out, read it, return it, and then the next week, go back and get it again!” 

She learned that it can be a hard knock life when the library would not sell her the book. The adult lesson? Become a librarian and share books with others. 

Welcome to the Libraries, Amanda!