Published: Oct. 16, 2019

Last spring’s Undergraduate Friends of the Libraries Fellow Aubrey Kroger recently presented her research from the exhibit “Wonder Women: The Dynamic, Influential, and Innovative Scientists of CU Boulder” to Frasier Meadows, an assisted living facility in Boulder. 

Aubrey Kroger presents.

One person recognized in Kroger’s exhibit, Dr. Rebekka Struik, is a resident at Frasier Meadows. Struik was the fifth female professor in CU Boulder’s Mathematics department, and the first woman faculty member with a husband and children. 

Additionally, Struik was known on campus for being a strong advocate for women and minority faculty. She worked on committees to ensure equal pay, equal tenure opportunities and more. Her papers also highlighted the equity pay gap for female mathematicians. 

Kroger, Struik and Struik's daughters.

Additionally, Struik had advocated for women and minorities to be elected to local positions in government and to change policies in legislature. Two of Struik’s daughters also attended the event and shared more of their mother’s accomplishments not available in Struik’s archives at the university. 

Kroger studies electrical and computer engineering and is currently a senior at CU Boulder. Her exhibit on female scientists can be viewed at Gemmill Engineering, Math & Physics Library in the Math Building.