Published: April 18, 2019

Are you a transfer student looking for a supportive space to concentrate on your final papers and exams? The University Libraries “Transfer Students: Focus on Finals” event aims to be just that.

Students studying together at a table in Gemmill Library.

Students studying together at a table in Gemmill Library.

“This event is intended to serve as a focused space for concentration and study while aiming to create opportunities for community among transfer students,” said one of the event coordinators, Lindsay Roberts.

Librarians with a variety of expertise will be available during this time, including subject librarians who can help students with research in specific disciplines like science and engineering.

Students are welcome to drop in or stay a while. Bring your own materials and use the time to study or talk to one of the librarians that will be there for on-the-spot research assistance.

Anyone is welcome to pop by for a healthy snack and a cup of tea and coffee.

The event is this Wednesday, April 25, starting at 2 p.m. in Gemmill Engineering, Math & Physics Library, MATH 150. The event is expected to last until 5 p.m. No registration needed.

We hope to see you there!